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  1. Usually its pays,at least in D18,in southern Illinois
  2. Hi,I think stock pistons work just as well as aftermarket types,just my thoughts.
  3. Hi,hey save yourself sometime wondering,call Denny or Justin at Belleville Honda they will answer your questions.The phone number is (618)233-1318,always remember second place is the first loser.
  4. We are,anyone else?
  5. Call the dealer you bought it from,these guys have some brillant idea's and if you don't now how to start it ask a professional.
  6. Hi,I couldn't find a manual for that year with the specs in it.
  7. Just got this awesome bike and did the top end,need the valve settings,Thanks Ed
  8. We'll I guess with having over 50 first place wins with our 2000 XR50,You would think that the shop tuning our bikes would know a little about fuel/air mixtures,that would be carb,head and exhaust.I'll tell you now that the fella's giving you answers to your questions are guessing.Has any of them ever had a 50 on a Dyno machine.I state my case,Good luck!
  9. The pilot jet is to big,Do some head work to it and hold on. Flattrackers Rule
  10. I have built two crf 50's both bikes are sharp and fast,we started with head work(porting+ polishing),cam,powerroll piston(high compression)and a Classic Honda pipe. We have a larger carbs also.If your racing ,gearing is the most important thing.We flattrack and the gearing is set up different each time we race.Between my two boys I dont even know how many win's they have on them.
  11. Bring your China turd on I'll smoke it, Flattrackers rule
  12. carbs are full of water and the stator is probably damp