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    Kawasaki kfx 700

    HELP!!!!!! Have an 04 kfx 700. Got bored, so by suggustion by a dealer I purchased a Pro circuit 496 full pipe system, Dalton blue clutch spring and K&N filter and Moose jetting. Immediately went to Tennessee "COAL SPRINGS". Not much difference...bike ran lean (huge lean spot in middle of rev band). Took bike back to dealer for rejetting (usually ride in Northern Wisconsin) as quad wasn't much different from stock. Dealer didn't do anything! Some say pipe douesn't do much...(it should for $850.00!) Should I go back to stock pipe with aftermarket jets of stick with the pipes and find a "BETTER JETTER"?.......HELP!
  2. zandar

    duke ll

    MR.SCOTT... I NEED MORE POWER!!!!!First time to the forum...just bought a 2001 duke ll. Have a hayabusa and wanted something lightweight to get into trouble with around town. Has: the airlid off, a "y" pipe and carbon aprakovics. Don't know about jetting....Have read about sprocket swaps, bigger carb, cam change, etc... Whats the next step for the biggest bang for the buck?