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  1. SurvivorMan


    I'm trying to find this "maps" page and info for 2016 450fx....no luck, pls help.
  2. SurvivorMan

    What did you do to your YZ450FX today?

    Looks like a great setup, but I'm sure I can find something that works great for around $100. I have a Trail Tech HID helmet light that works amazing for aggressive night riding, the front headlight for me is only necessary to get me out of a late ride. Did you wire it to the battery directly with a switch or into the wiring harness somewhere?
  3. SurvivorMan

    What did you do to your YZ450FX today?

    What are you guys running for a good head light setup? Looking at stock WR, but I'm sure aftermarket has better options. As for gearing, I found the bike to be geared too slow from the factory...too much engine breaking. I sped things up to a 13/48 and really like that...so 14/51 once I need to order new sprockets.
  4. SurvivorMan

    YZ450FX wish list

    IMS sells a screw cap adaptor for $45 that bolts right into the 2.5 gal dry break tank...so it will work both ways. Acerbic also sells a 2.9 gal tank, but I'm not sure if it would fit our bikes as it's listed for a 2014 yz450. These tanks are all too big for me though as I only need a 8.5-9 L tank (I think this would suit the majority of riders and race types as a whole).
  5. SurvivorMan

    YZ450FX wish list

    This is not a, "Which bike do I buy?" thread. This is about guys that have already chosen this bike, love it and then want to make it a little better...no point in talking about ktm's or other brands Does any aftermarket company build a plastic cover for the back fender electrical area?
  6. SurvivorMan

    YZ450FX wish list

    True, but if it comes from the factory its much cheaper and easier. I'm sure most people would appreciate these things, so why not. If your putting in a fuel tank at 7.5 L then to put one in at 8.5 is probably about the same price. Same goes for the brake lines. As far as weight loss goes, there are probably some simple changes to shave 5 lbs...aside from the Lion battery and kick starter removal. It doesn't look like theres much for changes on the 2017. Different suspension settings and a fuel gauge with an FI light.
  7. SurvivorMan

    YZ450FX wish list

    If Yamaha would read this, how can this bike be made better from an already awesome motorcycle? -slightly larger fuel tank...8.5L -steel braided brake lines -better fastening system on air box. Those little quick release tabs are weak -plastic cover over fuse/electrical area -front number plate bottom fastening system. Maybe taller posts. Mine keeps coming off the posts at bottom I'm tempted to ask for lighter weight, but that comes with repercussions...Higher MSRP and a weaker bike. Yamaha has made this bike as a long haul tough machine. I'm really impressed.
  8. SurvivorMan

    Anyone pick up a 450FX yet?

    I'm in the same boat...6'3" at 230 lb, looking for proper spring sizes and then setting up the clickers. Like Greyracer says, the rebound is always the first setting to play with once the heavy guys put their big springs in. go 4 clicks out on rebound, then go to 4 clicks in from stock to feel the difference and then fine tune from there. I'm looking at getting a set of 50's for the fork springs and then a 6.5 for the shock spring...so that being said, I think you are under sprung on the shock. Remember, your shock spring plays a huge role in how the forks work, so my best advice would be to go to a 6.7 shock spring first and see where that puts you. Anyone have luck finding an aluminum skid plate and radiator braces?
  9. SurvivorMan

    Mexico Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

    Heading to PV from December 12-17th...looking for anything to do with Enduro, XC, rentals, tracks, moto...?? I did a google search and it looks like only 1 dual sport rental company that is set up.
  10. SurvivorMan

    2016 yz450fx just released

    I've been told, gotta wait until January...but that's Canada, limited release too so you might want to put down a deposit
  11. SurvivorMan

    2016 yz450fx just released

    The Yamaha Motor release labels the FX as a YZ with a wide ratio transmission and an 18" rear(there's a few other changes in there to)....very much like an XC compared to a SX. Having said that, the WR is also YZ based as it is greatly changed too. Either way, there is not much info released yet.
  12. SurvivorMan

    2016 yz450fx just released

    I'm not worried about the weight, just excited about that super planted platform. I think it's great it's more YZish, if you want a huge tank and a 6th gear then you should be looking at a WR. What HP numbers is the YZF putting out? I guess it's safe to say that the FX will be down 2 or 3. I can't find any ride reports...no one in the industry has ridden one?
  13. SurvivorMan

    Just bought 2013 KTM 500 XC-W

    I rode a Berg 501 and found it to be different then the orange version. The berg seamed a little more gappy in the tranny, softer in the springs (especially the front) and there seamed to be a small hesitation just coming off the bottom, so I had to clutch it everytime to get it to start reving. The orange bike had none of this. I preferred the KTM for sure, even though they say that they are the same bike. On another note, notice how the new husky's put this amazing Ktm engine into the new linkaged frame?! best of both world's for me, just gotta wait till March.
  14. SurvivorMan

    Just bought 2013 KTM 500 XC-W

    new EFI and claimed 6 lbs weight savings is quite a lot, but if you can save 2 G on a 1 year older bike that is a smart choice for sure. I am looking at buying this bike in spring but I am stuck on which model year I should get and I would also like to try the 450 xc-w.
  15. SurvivorMan

    2013 450 XC-F top end rebuild help

    ok so the truth is that i sunk her into a mudhole and sucked a little bit in, so it was a must do as it started blowing smoke like a 2 stroke. Got the top end apart tonight finally and the cylinder is in great shape, no noticable scores just shiny cross hatch, so I'll just flip out the piston and rings and pin it. The rocker arm retainer bolts on the right side of head were the only bolts I had to pull to get the cam too loosen up and then it came right apart. Why does KTM use gay allen head bolts for the main cylinder & head and then use amazing torx bolts for simple things like the subframe?? I'm a big torx fan.