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  1. Mishka555

    Australian 06 TE 510 owners, what did you pay?

    TE610 - AUD$12400 on onroad Not a bad price but's it's like pulling teeth dealing with the A**holes at Northside Motorcycles.
  2. Mishka555

    2006 Husky SM610 worthless lemon nightmare

    Yeah I'm in Bondi so it's a fair way to go but they seem nice and like they know their shit since huskys is all they do. worth the trip i think. Better than giving my money to these other dicks who I'm sure are just running the shop as a front for more unseemly things. No one could be that consistently rude and care about his business. I've always hated these guys but I gave them the benefit of the doubt and went with them and this is what i get.
  3. Mishka555

    2006 Husky SM610 worthless lemon nightmare

    Yep R & D are the good guys. I spoke to them and they were very helpful. Thus they'll get all my business A little customer service goes a reeeeaaaally long way.
  4. Mishka555

    2006 Husky SM610 worthless lemon nightmare

    I spoke to another dealer and told them I just bought one but would rather not go back with the dealer I bought it from because they are complete f*cking ********! And he said two of the blokes there have the 610s and they are bulletproof so that's very reassuring. It's an 1.5hour trip out of my way compared to 5 mins but i think it'll be worth the trip to go to reasonable polite people who are experts, these guys to nothing by huskys! They said it must be a US thing because they haven't heard of any problems at all about the 610s
  5. Mishka555

    2006 Husky SM610 worthless lemon nightmare

    SORRY TO ADD FUEL TO THE FIRE BUT: I just called my dealer about my new 610 which was due to arrive yesterday (Tuesday) and said 'any news about my bike?' and he said 'yep, it's in a box out the back' me: 'well, can I have it?' dealer: 'today is almost over, tomorrow is a public holiday and Friday I only have one mechanic on, so what do you think?' me: 'I don't know, one mechanic isn't enough? He can't set it up for me?' dealer: 'No. So make other plans for you weekend. You can have it monday or tuesday' me: I can't believe what I'm hearing but this guy has my money and bike so stay calm. 'ok' dealer: 'call first on Monday though' me: 'right, see you then' I said swallowing hard. HOW'S THAT FOR A HUSKY DEALERSHIP!
  6. Mishka555

    2006 Husky SM610 worthless lemon nightmare

    I think I'm all the keener to get my hands on the TE610... It's like a bloody mystery now that I have to solve! Will it be a "lemon nightmare" that I will rue and not be able to resell because the news will be out that it's a POS? Or will it be all I first hoped it would be: a big, awesome looking, reliable enduro that makes all the others look like kindling?
  7. Mishka555

    2006 Husky SM610 worthless lemon nightmare

    I hear the 610s only get 6 month warrant in the US. Is this true? we have 2 year ulimited km warranty here...
  8. Mishka555

    I neesd a Husky

    I'm surprised anyone would still want a Husky after all the posts about them around here!
  9. Mishka555

    2006 Husky SM610 worthless lemon nightmare

    Can the 510 do daily traffic? I thought it was a dirt bike with little oil and frequent servicing? Anyway, it's too small an engine for long distance stuff. I having enough trouble going from 1000cc and 153hp to 610cc (570 in reality) and what? 40 or 50 hp?
  10. Mishka555

    2006 Husky SM610 worthless lemon nightmare

    I think I will continue with the purchase. Hopefully since it's just off the boat from sweden it will be a fresh good batch of bikes. It will be very interesting to see if it was just the unlucky few from an early batch or if these bikes are truely f*cked for all time. I will be writing my progress here. And I intend to fully test its metal. The bike will be thrashed daily on the way to work and beaten vigorously on the weekends. So we will see...
  11. Mishka555

    2006 Husky SM610 worthless lemon nightmare

    Have you had any problems with yours? I need to hear something good about them now. You see I've put a deposit on one and am worried now. Do I cancel and lose $500 bucks deposit and get something reliable, or do I go ahead with it and just hope it's not a lemon? It seems a bit of a gamble. Maybe people come here to complain only, but I want to hear from someone who has done 1 to 2000 kms on the bike problemfree....
  12. Mishka555

    2006 Husky SM610 worthless lemon nightmare

    I can't believe what I'm hearing. Really. Never in my life would I imagine such f*ckups as these from a new bike. And such patience and understanding from the buyers. Again, I have to say, if these were sports bikes or cars, well it would never happen. The latitude give to off-road bikes! The modifications that go on and the repairs of NEW bikes. I just can't believe it. There should be no mistakes, no repairs to be done, no modifications or glitches. A new bike should, with the proper servicing, be problem free for many many many thousands of kilometres. How can the manufacturers get the more complex sports and tourers perfect and not the simple off-roaders?? It really confuses me. Honestly. I have a TE610 on order but it sounds like I've made a very very costly mistake.
  13. Mishka555

    06 TE 510 "standard tank" fuel range?? anyone.

    There's always this: http://www.mcas.com.au/product.php?s...=2&prodid=2577 among other things
  14. Mishka555

    06 Te610

    OK, since rhetoric is so distasteful to you, and for anyone else aspiring to machine-like veracity in speech, 'deciles of bikes'. Happy? I'll try not to use any more figures of speech or hyperbole or metaphors from now on. Geez, what is this, an academic essay we're writing here?
  15. Mishka555

    06 Te610

    Quite right, that was my point all along, for that price it should be PERFECT, with all the bells and whistles. Even though it's apples and oranges, compare what you get in non-off-road bikes for that price or thereabouts - a bloody problem free sports bike or tourer that will never let you down. You don't hear R1 or Fireblade owners complaining that their indicator might melt or there's an engine or fan or whatever problem. Do you? DO YOU? no, never. They're f*cking perfect. Even the crappy exotics that were made for looks alone like the Ducatis are problem free according to my mates who ride them. Imagine! It would never be tolerated in that arena. Why is there so much latitude given in the off-road genre?? In spite of all this, I've bought one, and I intend to treat it very badly indeed to find out exactly how robust it is. If it survives my ill-treatment I'll know I'm on a good thing, if not, I'll fix it and sell it and go back to the japs. Stay tuned for my thrashing of Husky!