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  1. Kaser

    yz 125 Pipe Preference

    i have an 03 with pro circuit pipes and shorty exhaust. it has pretty nice low end
  2. Kaser

    lowering a yz 125

    im about 5'8'' and 130 lbs and on open terrain or a track the bike is near perfect for me, but for rutted out back country trails i think it might help to lower. cutting the seat or getting a new seat seems like the cheapest/easiest option but i also like the idea of lowering the suspension a bit. thanks for all the replies and any additional info will always help. thanks again
  3. Kaser

    lowering a yz 125

    hi i have an 03 125 and i use it strictly for trail riding. basically the only problem i have with the bike is that it is a little too tall for me, and on some the the single track trails it can get kinda annoying. i was wondering what some of the best options would be for lowering my ride hight or the ride hight of the bike, and if lowering the bike would help how to do it. thanks much