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  1. thanks. that's what I needed to know.
  2. re: speedo yeah, it looks like it's part of the front brake assy.. with the magnet mounted in the brake rotor. I'm missing the factory pickup. If I was to use a Sigma (bicycle speedo) pickup, utilizing the factory mounting point would be pretty simple. The usual problem with bicycle units, is that the wiring is fairly short and lightweight, although usually adaptable. I was looking for the pickup/wiring. The actual speedo could be anything, really.
  3. yeah, I know... I 've used Sigma's on a few other bikes. Sometimes less then $20, and on a bike that doesn't get ridden at night, backlighting isn't really an issue. The stock Husqvarna unit seems to be a slightly glorified bicycle speedo. I didn't get one when I bought the Husky, but the instructions read exactly like every other bicycle computer I've used. Even down to the OEM Hall effect magnet pickup. Which lead to my asking if anyone had one they wanted to sell - since there didn't seem like any point in running a separate pickup/magnet when there was a factory mounting already perfectly positioned ! rrwantr, are you asking how much a wheelset costs new? I can't tell you exactly, since we got a particularily sweet deal from a friend. I'm guessing around $1100 or so for the wheelsets. motostrano for example..
  4. haan/excel/michelin pilots. also, until we do something different w/ the brake setup, I'm looking for a front rotor for the moto wheel, if anyone's got one of those lying around they want to sell. I should just call MotoXotica, but I figured it was worth asking first.
  5. So, we've had a few thumpers over the years, but this is the first Husky.. Found a 04 TE250 recently with a plate (we'll see how long it stays that way) and threw on a set of 17s (Thanks, dukepilot!) and tried it out on the supermoto track. It's a keeper! so as long as it's still got a CA DMV plate, I was going to put a taillight and speedo on there and have a little fun. I was planning on using one of the new Trail Tech units or perhaps an electrosport unit .. and the stock Husky speedo magnet pickup will work fine, but the previous owner couldn't find it. Anyone got one for sale? I also need to find a good taillight.. Thinking of the DRC one, or something similar.