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  1. Glenzito

    IS 06 a bad year to buy?

    I sold my 06 and got the 08(mainly for the extra gear),like mentioned before,the 06 is bullet proof if maintained properly,the only thing I would replace if not already is the chain and sprocket and the rear chain guide,mine wore out just after run in on my 06,EK x-ring chain,can't go wrong.
  2. Hi Sweepster,just about ready to get back on the bike after having my ACL repaired,picked up a pair of POD braces after doing some research,having had them for two years already,what sort of sock would you recommend I wear underneath and anything I should know about strapping them up?,any advice is appreciated.
  3. Glenzito

    What took me sooo long?

    Welcome to heaven CTD06,you can't go wrong with green,I had an 06 and upgraded to an 08(couldn't wait for 09),bike has about 30 hours on it and I love it more and more every day,the 06 was bullet proof,but the extra gear is where it's at,what is the EFI like?,more responsive?,more adjustable?,enjoy being at the front of the pack.
  4. Glenzito

    ACL recovery time

    Thanks for the advice Dr Mark,I am going to have the surgery,there is no way I am giving up riding,still got plenty laps in me.Pinto24,good luck buddy,I crushed my heel two years ago,still got pins and screws in it,long time to start doing all the jumps again,we don't realise how much range we actually need when we ride until it's not there anymore.
  5. Glenzito

    ACL recovery time

    Hi Dr Mark,I tore my ACL about two weeks ago,I am scheduled for surgery on the 27th of this month.My knee is feeling a lot better and I am even walking without a crutch,should I get a second opinion or is it normal for the knee to start feeling better before the surgery?
  6. Glenzito

    Torn my ACL,going to be out for a while?

    Thanks for all the feedback guys,I like KX250F 19's comment about not selling the best,I will take this time to really get the bike lubed and greased right,will also save some money to buy those braces.Will look into the CTI's.A trip to Texas is not an option as the flight alone would cost me 4000$ from South Africa.thanks again.
  7. Hi Guys, I stuck my leg out when the front washed out on Saturday and tore my ACL,I am going to be out for at least 7 to 8 months.What should I do to the bike if it's going to stand for this length of time,there is no way I am selling it,only got 25 hours on and it's an 08 KX450.Can't express how pissed off I am,will definatley take this time to get a lot fitter and stronger.
  8. Glenzito

    Dr. Mark, Possible torn ACL?

    Hi Guys, Sticking my leg out in a turn,I tore my ACL,I did this on Saturday.I have been for the MRI and the tear is confirmed.I am scheduled for the reconstructive surgery in roughly 3 weeks time.What I wanted to find out is,what is the best excercise if I do not have a stationary bike?,or what is the best thing to do in this time before the surgery?,once the surgery is done,what is recomended recovery time before riding again,taking into account I do the physio therapy emmediatly?your help and advice would be appreciated,there is no way I am selling my baby just yet.
  9. Glenzito

    chain slap on 06 kx 450f

    I had to replace my chain and sprocket after only 15hrs,I find the standard kawi stuff(sunstar) is not of a high quality and should be replaced on purchase if you can afford to do so,my standard chain wore my rear chain guide out in no time at all.Fitted an EK gold x ring and supersprox and problem solved.Going to replace my 08 setup soon.
  10. Glenzito

    Hour meter...where does wire attach?

    Hi Guys, It needs to be wrapped around the spark plug wire at least three times,thats it,secure with a cable tie and you done.I installed one when I got my 06 and when I bought my 08 I took it from the 06 and the only problem is that I can't reset it,is that normal?
  11. Glenzito

    Need an hour meter?

    Don't have sears here in S.A,and they rush you about 50$ for a new one,will just use my old one,oh well,not a train smash
  12. Glenzito

    2008 airbox stickers.

    My airbox stickers are fine,one small one near the rear fender came off while washing,looks like the adhesive that Kawa has used is not as strong as the aftermarket kits?,totally agree with you about the power,just finished the run in,can't wait to wick it.
  13. Glenzito

    08 KX450F Oil leak and clicking sound

    No charge at all and the bike is running like a dream,still breaking it in but will be ready to rip it on the next ride.
  14. Glenzito

    08 KX450F Oil leak and clicking sound

    Dealer called me today,it turned out to be a seal that was not in place properly and was letting oil through,the nut on the end of the waterpump also came loose and that was the source of the noise,thank goodness it was nothing serious and the dealer has sorted it out 100%
  15. Hi Guys, Took my 08 for it's first ride and to break it in,after about 5 laps it started leaking oil out of a small hole on the water pump side,there was also a clicking sound coming from the motor,this only started once the bike was hot.I think the hole is an overflow,but should the oil be leaking out there?,my 06 did not do this once?what could the noise be?: I am taking back to the dealer today.