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  1. ktm485

    Found this Jump....

    That isn't photoshoped.. i assure you its real.. Ive been trying to find the videos of it... but think they are on my computer at home... I get to go home during thanks giving and ill post it then...
  2. ktm485

    Found this Jump....

    This jump was crazy because we were doing a double a double right before this... and we had went and looked at this one but we were all on 125's and didnt think the bike would pull... Long story short i just jumped the first double... and when i landed i clicked into 4th and felt the bike pull... so i just hucked it and came out okay...
  3. Ocotillo Wells out by shell reef
  4. ktm485

    lifted truck bike loading

    I have a chevy 2500 with a 8 inch lift.. Im 5 '10 and can easily load my bikes in.. All you need is a ramp and a tool chest... Just get 10ft away from the truck and run like hell then when you get to the ramp step up onto the tool chest then the tail gate.. your stoooked...
  5. El Cajon bummed its closed Elsinore
  6. ktm485

    250 EXC 4 stroke

    THe 250 RFS is in no way a sleeved down 400, Im saying the the 250 rfs that were made before 2005 are.... THe new 250fs are straight up competition motors that riip... Kris
  7. ktm485

    250 EXC 4 stroke

    Beatron- To compare the KTM 250f to the Wr 250 in the engine department is somewhat unfair.. The Ktm is basically a sleeved down 400... Motor wise its not going to be nearly as aggressive as the Wr.... Its going to thump where the yamaha goes braap (if you get what i mean).... Handling wize... (having owned a 02 wr 250 as a well as still own a 05 ktm 450( not exactly the same... but comparable.).... I would tell you the KTM handles light years better than the Yamaha... From my expierience it feels as if the KTM carries its weight alot lower, thus making it easier to turn and what not... My wr was a freight train, it was awsome when going straight, but you had to fight it in order to turn... I would go with the KTM, they are better made, and are super reliable... If you go into the archives of Dirt Bike Magazine you can find a magazine test of that bike... Rock on...