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    XRhunny Frame or Susp. swap? Whatcha think?

    I've seen many of the XR motor into CR chassis projects, in fact did a XL125 into KX125 chassis about 20years ago (Crikey, I'm gettin' OLD!!!! ). I'm guessing the XR frame will hold up fine as I'm not launching jumps like I used too. Mainly was wanting better suspension and the disc brakes. I need to do some before, during and after pics too. Thanks for the comments, anyone else?
  2. Ok, I've got my lil 97 XR100 that is pretty beat, especially hauling my XL bum around. This is my ride with the kiddos/""race" with my son" SM machine. Since I torched my ankle and said buh-bye to my 450 (gotta pay med bills and make wifey happy) I am going to mod the lil100 a touch or two. First idea, picked up a 00 KX 100 chassis. Was thinking of modding the frame to fit the XR motor and be happily on my way but...the kx doesn't have a tank, seat, etc. Plastic, er, ok, mainly the tank and seat are hard to come by in my price range, ie. dirt cheap (trying to keep this under $500 total). So then started grindin' the gears in my noggin and thought hmm, the xr already has all the plastic...the forks would be easy swap, swingarm looks pretty close, I'll need to cut the old shock mount and put a new one on the frame. Just wondering how (bad) the XR frame will handle since the longer forks will rake out the front a bit and if it'll hold up to the increased pounding of being able to hit stuff harder but then the increase in pounding would be because the suspension is better.....hmmmm. Thoughts? opinions?

    Did RC race Anaheim 2?

    Does anyone know if there is a copy of what schedule he's running, i.e. what races he'll be racing? And is he just playing in SX or is he going to hit some outdoors too?


    +1 This is a good point but with 125's there is very narrow powerband to keep them on the pipe with a 250f, while the bike may be faster it will most likely be easier to control.


    MotoFreak, good choice going with the 250F. Get a used one in nice shape, if you go new and you still want to trade in on a 450 in the next couple of years you're going to take a major hit on what the 250 is worth. Basically, let someone else take the depreciation and get one that's just a couple of years old.

    Kevin Windham's CRF450 Supercross bike

    One thing to note about buying ex-"factory" race bikes is unless you pick it up in the pits of the last race, as the rider is stepping off it, it will not be their race bike, just left over parts. A friend of mine bought Josh Hayes Attack ZX-10 and that bike was sooo messed up. It's taken over a year and alot of hard work and $$$ to get it lined out.


    Sonobob is right, it's your choice in the end. That said if you want to listen to some advice from someone with over 20yrs riding experience I'd still go with recommending a 250F instead of a 450. I know what it's like to want the "latest and greatest" but sometimes it's better to take a middle step. It's not so much not being able to handle a 450 but getting something you can learn more on that has some leeway before it bites you.

    Anyone running Mich., Metzlers or Maxxis?

    That's what I was wanting to find out! I've found some pretty good deals on the Metz's and Maxxis. I run Mich SM tires so was thinking of being brand loyal but, of course, playing in the dirt doesn't pay contingency like racing does:ride:


    IMHO, it really depends on what you're wanting to do...are you looking at wanting to race or trail ride or play on mx tracks, etc.? Also, how big you are, I see in your avatar it says 15 for age, is that right? I would not recommend jumping on a 450 from a CRF100 even a 125 two-stroke will be double the hp, if not more. If you are just wanting a dirt bike, something to mess around on, I'd say go for the best deal you can get on a two stroke 125 or 200 enduro, you could even find a new one for what some 250f's used. Now if you are wanting to race I'd say go with a 250f but be ready for higher maintenance costs.
  10. Howdy TTers! I've recently converted to an 04 CRF450 from a CR250R, which I'm running for SuperMoto most of the time. Anyway, in all the bike trading I ended up with an extra wheelset which I just sold...with the tires so I need to get another set of dirt shoes for the bike. I'm looking for opinions or experiences with Metzler MC6 Michelin MH3 and Maxxis HT tires. Back in the day (early 90's, Lord I'm gettin' old!), I ran Metz MX and B-Stone M22/23's and liked both. Just looking for good hard terrain tires and don't really care for Dunlops.

    Basic S-moto setup

    They're having one at Miller on Sat. the 28th, contact Mike Schultz at MMP. The class is being taught by Cassidy Anderson and iirc, cost is $325 which is pretty cheap.

    What work does your R do?

    SuperMoto most of the time, MX/trailriding for playtime.

    06 Last year for CR250?

    Well, I just bought me a brand new vintage bike (04 CR250R ring-dinger) and I think it's 08 when the EPA will have their say and no more ('cept race only) two strokes will be sold. Thing is the older bikes will be grandfathered in so if your bike is off-road legal now, it should stay legal (I know Cali has a bunch that are not). I was thinking of dual sporting my CR just for the heck of it...and I like two stroker street bikes too.

    Aluminum Framed KTMs?

    You guys are quite amusing! I actually went thru and read 11 pages of posts and there's about three comments that aren't the same grousing rehashed. Al frame came about to make a stiffer frame, with a possiblity of a slight weight savings. There is NO way a bike can lose 5-10lbs just from the frame changing (well, maybe if you forgot a couple of tubes...like half the frame!). And while Mtn. bikes have been stealing moto tech for the last few years, they went thru the "superlight" frame years, now bikes are a half pound heavier but last for more than two rides. One of the pluses KTM has is they use CroMoly tubing while Jap steel frames used to be mild steel. This would allow KTM to have a stiffer and lighter frame comparing steel to steel. So is KTM going AL? I'd guess eventually just because of the marketing but maybe they can do as Ducati has and keep their traditions while having competitive bikes.
  15. Well, I have been checking this board out for a bit since I became able to get another dirtbike and since two-strokers are getting to be dinosaurs, well...here I am. Just put my down payment on an 05 KTM 525 SX, should be picking it up Tuesday Ended up going for it because it was the last one I could find that came with the supermoto and dirt wheels both. Hope to have ALOT of fun with this thing!