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  1. wr400newbie

    WR400 drive shaft thread

    cheers again fellas
  2. wr400newbie

    WR400 drive shaft thread

    Cheers for all the replies, there was not much thread for the sprocket nut to hold onto when I bought the bike but has since ground down the remaining threads. Why is that common with yammies ? ended up tacking on the nut with a MIG, to big a job for me as you can guess by my user name.
  3. wr400newbie

    WR400 drive shaft thread

    can't be recut because you can't get a dye nut onto it, don't know about a heli coil though. I'll look into it. What do you think about tacking it on with a bit of weld? cheers for your reply
  4. Just wondering if anyone could offer any advice on how to solve a damaged drive shaft thread? It's a 2000 model and the thread is useless and cant be re-cut or built up with tape. The problem is that nothing is holding on the front sprocket as the sprocket nut cant be used. I'm thinking of welding the nut on and grinding it off each time I need to or should I attempt the horrible job of changing the shaft? any suggestions are appreciated