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  1. Both the enduro r and the sm-r are available throughout the uk.Try fowlers motorcycles or leisure trail websites for more info.
  2. Time and Date?
  3. Awesome picture.seen it before somewhere,ktmuk?or smj?
  4. My fitted with akras ,but havent got any new pictures yet.I want a 690 e to keep it company!
  5. Gone but not forgotten,replaced with a 690
  6. Yeah,that would be perfect.Why didnt yamaha build one to go with the 250.?
  7. Yeah,i saw it.Did you have a look at the husky stand,some very sweet bikes on there.Thought the rest of the show was a bit dissapointing though,but i say that every year and still end up going.!
  8. Very nice mate,perfect bike for the spanish hills i bet.
  9. Bad luck mate,theiving scum,theyre everywhere unfortunately.Will you be buying another drz with the insurance money?
  10. Great pictures.
  11. There seems to be a population explosion of drz s in england at the moment!sold mine in June,dont know why really,(well i do ,i wanted a street triple but that went out of the window)i m missing it now and on the look out for another one.The power is going to be a bit of a come down after a tuono though aint it wozzerwozzer?
  12. ssshhhhhhhhh....he wants a KTM.
  13. The futures orange then?
  14. Stunning bike that mate.