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  1. This is my son on his 2008 KTM 144SX.
  2. Teriyaki

    Lets see some 2-strokes set up for woods

    I think YouTube allows you to download those. I haven't put any restrictions on them when I posted them. Look on the YouTube website and it should tell you how to do it if it is possible. I will look later to confirm it is possible.
  3. Teriyaki

    Lets see some 2-strokes set up for woods

    Well, he has only been racing for 2 years now. Last year he moved from a 2000 model Kawi KX100 mini to the KTM big bike. First a 2006 KTM 125, and then a few months later to the KTM 144SX. He has the KTM 200XC now because he will have a motocross and cross country bike. We get a lot of help from Chip and Dan at Munn Racing KTM. They are some great guys that are at the track every weekend with great support. Of course it helps to Have Monster Energy there also. It is great to have a new bike, but you don't have to have one to be fast. My son won his 2007 TCCRA championship his first year as a mini beginner on that 8 year old Kawi.
  4. Teriyaki

    Lets see some 2-strokes set up for woods

    Here is my son's 2008 KTM 144SX. He just got a 2009 KTM 200XS, but we don't have the graphics and other stuff on it yet, just a new set of Cycra black plastic. Click on the "watch in high quality" link on the videos. Here is one video link: Here is another practice video:
  5. Teriyaki

    flywheel weights

    My son had one on his little KX100 when he firs started racing it. Yes it helped some with stalling and also helped balance out the power surge you get on the 2-stroke when you hit the power band. He is racing Cross Country, and yes we have heard of David Knight and Taddy also. My son learned to ride at the location for Last Man Standing, which we still ride at. We had the pleasure of talking to David Knight at the first LMS.
  6. I have a 2000 model KX100 that I am rebuilding. My son has been racing the bike and it was running great. It recently started running flat and bogging on the top, and I finally found the problem. It is apparently sucking air in the case, because the leak down check shows a leak. I have the engine out and plan to split the cases tonight. I have new crank bearings and thought to replace the connecting rod and bearings also while I have it apart. But, I have never replaced a connecting rod. Do I need a special tool or press to get the crank apart and back together? I have a case splitter and bearing puller, so I don't expect any problems with the crank bearings, since I have done all this before on my Honda CR125R. Any suggestions on the connecting rod replacement?
  7. Teriyaki

    Question for Monster Energy Graphics Owners

    We drink them all the time, but then my son rides for Monster Energy, so we have an unlimited supply. Love the Low Carb, M-80, and the Khaos, and my wife loves the Assault and Monster Java's. The original Green when he races the Kawi and Khaos when he races the KTM.
  8. Teriyaki

    KX 100 Power Valve not moving

    Someone at the track had told me the same thing about actuator breaking. ON one engine it can be moved easily when the arm is disconnected from the power valve. This one is stuck and can't be budged at all. It may be the weak link in that bottom end parts. Since we have a races the next 3 weekends, I am just going to swap the engines between the two bikes and get everything going on the race bike. I will worry about the practice bike later. I know the local Kawi dealers will not stock whatever parts I need and will have to order them.
  9. Teriyaki

    KX 100 Power Valve not moving

    Yea, my sons bike is top end power also. The statement on the maintenance is referring to the fact that the KIPS may get stuck or something and then effect the cylinder. I am sure ours is only the valve is stuck and not moving. My understanding is that once you get into the power band, the KIPS valve moves and effectively changes the compression ration in the cylinder head. Here is a link explaining the KIPS valve operation: http://www.justkdx.dirtrider.net/kips.html
  10. Teriyaki

    KX 100 Power Valve not moving

    I have fixed the power valve on the other bike, but it was the part that is in the cylinder head. Carbon build up had casued the butterfly type part to break. I think this bike has the part with the stripped gears. Read this part of a paper that I had found that was written by "Canadian Dave" KIPS Valve Maintenance Over time, carbon builds up on the sub port valves and causes them to seize in their bore. When they do, the geared advancer shaft strips the gears form the sub port valves rendering them useless. To prevent the valves from seizing its important to remove and clean the valves anytime the top end is disassembled for service. Proper jetting and the use of a quality two-stroke oil will also increase the life span of the KIPS system by preventing an excessive build-up of carbon on the exhaust valves. A tell tail sign of sub-port valve damage is the loss of bottom end power.
  11. My son's 2000 KX100 has a power valve (KIPS) problem. The sliding part in the cylinder seems to be working fine, as I can move it in an out with the clip and lever removed from the actuator. It seems to be that the rod coming out of the right side case is not rotating. I tried moving it and it seems stuck. We actually have two of the same model bikes. When I look at the other one, the rod rotates as the engine is revved. I haven't removed the side case yet, but expect it may be some gear that rotates this arm. The bike just bogs bad when you start to hit the power zone.
  12. I have an '03 CR125 that has the V-Force reeds in it. The one thing I hate about them is that the extra thickness of the reed block moves the carburetor back enough that it is almost impossible to work on the carb and change jets. My motor has been completely modified by JM Racing near Houston. The bike was set up for a pro racer, so the cylinder was ported and the head modified. FMF Factory Fatty and FMF titanium silencer. Of course the forks were re-valved by JM racing as well. The bike is fast, but my son's 2006 KTM 125SX is faster, and it is completely stock.
  13. Teriyaki

    Driven Racing chains and sprockets

    Here is a link to the Driven Racing web site where I have been looking at sprockets. Any thoughts on the quality, or anyone used them? http://www.drivenracing.com/
  14. I was wondering if anyone out there has used the chains or sprockets from "Driven Racing"? The appear to be well made and they are someone associated with Troy Lee Designs. I was looking at getting an orange sprocket for my son's KTM as they are cheaper than the KTM sprockets.
  15. Teriyaki

    Tranny on '03 125

    WOOOO HOOO. I finally got it all back together. It took a little longer that expected, because I found another small washer missing at the last minute and had to get it ordered. I took my time getting it back together, and went ahead and did the whole top end while it was apart and also had to replace the cylinder head since it had a lot of damage from what seemed to be an exploded piston. We just returned from the track about an hour ago. Had to spend the first hour and a half getting the top end broke in, but that thing runs great now. It shift great and runs faster than I am able to ride. Thanks to everyone for the help, I learned a lot on my first tranny overhaul, I just hope I never see the inside of one of those again. We just bought my son a KTM 125SX a few days ago and that thing seems to have an even stronger motor. I will leave that to him to fly around on.