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  1. vansnxtweek

    2003 CR85 no start ????

    I am having this same exact problem right now...I checked the carb and cleaned it...turned the gas on and gas is gettin to the bowl (drains out of the drain bolt) It has great spark and great compression. What could the problem be? Im thinkin maybe either somehow the top end is gone being the owner only drag races it..or something electrical. It just throws me off that I get great spark
  2. vansnxtweek

    Spy Magneto Goggle..Selectron Foam

    Thanks you guys for the help..I have always ridden with Oakley but ever since I got my Thor Force helmet I just havent been able to get the seal and fit I like with my goggles. I just happened to try some Spy Alloy goggles and they were the best yet so Im hopin the Magnetos with be the same if not better!
  3. First off has anyone tried the magneto goggle? How is it? And if so has anyone tried the selectron foam model? Im wondering how the foam attaches and if it ever stops sticking or anything..and if its even worth it to not get the fixed foam model. Thanks!
  4. vansnxtweek

    Pro Taper P3 Clamp Discontinued?

    The solid mounts are discontinued for sure, Im not sure about the rubber mounted ones. I went to Pro Taper's website and their top of the line clamp is the only one listed...I dont know whats the deal but either way Im super excited to try out my new P3 Clamps!
  5. I just found out today that this clamp has been discontinued when I went to buy it. Anyone know why? Maybe the new one is taking over.... Sucks for Cycra Triple clamp mount folks the pinch bolts on the new Pro Taper clamps are inset. Anybody know why the P3's are being discontinued?
  6. vansnxtweek

    Bar Setup Problem Please Help Me

    I havent gotten the mounts yet Im gonna try to order them today, Im thinkin about just getting triple clamps and being done with it. As far as the bars I would def. try some different ones but I got these as a christmas present which complicates things. I just wanna try to keep the same kind and get the right bend...I never knew it would be this much trouble lol
  7. vansnxtweek

    Stewart out Faking (From another forum)

    Ya if he hasnt been representing monster as he should be then I bet they really are pissed... I dont know whats true and whats not but I guess ya never know. What ever happened to just good plain racing?
  8. vansnxtweek

    Bar Setup Problem Please Help Me

    Okay cool, those are the solid mount ones right? I just now finally found out what bend comes on there...its the renthal 790 bend. They are low as heck! The measurements are 80mm rise, 57mm sweep, and like 796 on the width. Im suprised they are so low but I really like the way they are, to me its the perfect bend. Do you think the carmichael EVO bend would be the closest match? Thats all I can find.
  9. vansnxtweek

    help choosing the right handlebar.

    I have some Pro Taper EVO 1 1/8" Bars (CR Hi bend bar) that I could sell ya. I only set them up on the bike and sat on it, they are too high for me. Brand New. I guess the only prob. is I dont know how much shipping would be.
  10. vansnxtweek

    Bar Setup Problem Please Help Me

    The only thing I think that would be really nice about the clamps would be that front to back adjustability. Other than that I guess there aint much use. Thats for all the help man I really appreciate it
  11. vansnxtweek

    Bar Setup Problem Please Help Me

    Ya im def. picky on it, I wish I knew what the dimensions were of the renthal bars they put on there in 06, that would help a ton. Im really thinkin the YZ Hi will be my best bet though. Do you think I should go with the correct mounts or go with upper Triple clamps?
  12. vansnxtweek

    Bar Setup Problem Please Help Me

    Ya its setup for solid mount thats why rubber mount wont work, I guess getting the correct mounts should be my first order of business. Is the 5mm change in bar height gonna really be noticeable?
  13. First off I know this is long but bare with me, I really appreciate the help... Okay so what my goal was originally was to change out the bent bars on my YZ125 (06'). I didnt want to change anything as far as height or sweep but only change them over to 1 1/8" bars. My goodness have I run into problems. Okay first off I got the Pro Taper EVO bars for a christmas present and what I was given was the CR Hi bend. So i went ahead and bought the TAG replacement oversized bar mounts for my bike. That first off was my prob. because I couldnt find mounts that weren't rubber mount but yet weren't adapters for solid mounts. So once I finally found what I needed I got them in (supposed to be direct replacement). Well I get everything on and folks it feels like Im riding a chopper. My setup is way way to tall. So my first impression was wow ya know, I didnt think that small change in bar bends would be that noticeable. Come to find out they sent me the wrong bar mounts...they are +10mm!! So this is where I am now. Now that I see they do have a YZ Hi bend should I go with that or just stick with the CR Hi? My other question is should I go back and try to get the correct mounts or just get some upper triple clamps so I can be sure of the height? My last question is are all of the OEM Pro Taper bars the same on the 07's and 08's? I know someone who is selling a set and I wonder if that would be my best solution. Im sorry for the crazy rambling but Im so dern picky about my setup I just want it to be right, its just that this is my first time ever really doing a big bar setup change. Thanks so much for the help.
  14. vansnxtweek

    06 YZ 125 handlebar dimensions

    Hey sorry to bring up an old thread, but which oversize mounts did ya'll use? Al I can find are rubber mounts or solid mounts that add height.
  15. vansnxtweek

    Best Handguard Setup?

    I was also wondering about the triple clamp mounts..i know a lot of people use these Im just worried about rockin' a tree and knocking my forks out of alignment or something. I know it sounds stupid but its just something that bothers me about those things...they def. look like the easiest mount system for sure though