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  1. Why don't you contact BD with your problems, and see if they will replace it? I would think they would fix a customers problems before they started spreading rumors on boards.
  2. no kidding....I can't wait til I move back to Tennessee! what type of blinkers are those? Do they have them with clear lenses?
  3. I had asked this question before, but no-one seems to know facts. There was one person that suggested calling FMF to ask them directly, but I am lazy and have not done this yet.
  4. that is one of the main reasons why we are moving back to Tennessee as soon as the fiancee gets finished with law school.
  5. wolfe on supermotojunkie used some at the last track day, and he said they performed great. he was happy with them.
  6. No....what makes her look fast is being in front of all the guys!
  7. what does it look like on the bike? good write up by the way.
  8. that looks great man! good job.
  9. The only problems I know of carbon can, is after a while the rivets vibrating causes the holes through the carbon to get larger and the can could fall off. I was in a race at nashville, and a guys fell off in the middle of the race, so that was his race.
  10. I can't ride slow there.....im like a kid in a candy store. staying between the lines is a must, but I drool at all those curves.....
  11. yeah get on that.....cause stock looks like
  12. ahhh yes....I will have to make another trip there after I move back up next year.
  13. nice vid. thanks for sharing. Makes me miss woods riding even more now....
  14. you can install an electronic flasher. I got one at Advance auto parts. must be 2 plug. Cut the orange and blue wire to the original flasher, and plug them into the new electronic flasher. there is a thread that has pictures and a "how to"
  15. Looks like some stuff we used to ride. "Owls Holler" North of Ooltewah before Cleveland. Looks really close.