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  1. Husabergchamp

    need help with a land use issue

    Here is a suggestion that worked well for me with the local township; I'm an MSF dirt bike school coach, ATV Safety Institute instructor, and a DNR ATV instructor. I have had my 35 acre property approved for teaching safety schools on it and have even had the town board out to witness a school. This helped estabish my private riding area (which includes a 1 mile MX track and 1.5 miles of trails as well as my school training field) as a legitimate safety training area. Much good press and all the locals know we teach kids safety schools there. It makes it harder to justify closing us down. If you have a local instructor that could teach classes there, get them to contact the SVIA/MSF and register the area for safety schools and then hold some there and invite the local press.
  2. Husabergchamp


    I just insured my 2006 Kawasaki KLX250S with Progressive. $80 a year includes full coverage, collision, and theft.
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    Hi Joey; Sorry to hear about the web site, we had a lot of fun on it. If you are still trail riding, you are invited to come up to one of our MSF trail riding schools and show the newby's how its done. I can provide a bike if need be. The schedule is on www.wisconsinoffroadadventures.com Again, thanks a lot for the help getting the web site up and running. Alex
  4. Husabergchamp

    Controversy at Jackson County Wisconsin.

    Great thread. If you riders are interested in helping the OHV situation in Wisconsin, read the announcement below and make the meeting. As the Wisconsin State Representative to NOHVCC I have been working with Ken Schuck from AMA District 16 as well as two 4X4 groups and the national office from NOHVCC to get the ball rolling on a state OHV association. We will be having more announcements shortly on exact place but it will be somewhere near Madison. Alex Bub FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Chris Hannis February 23, 2007 Phone: 920-379-6074 Email: 9erscruiser@centurytel.net Contact: Alex Bub Phone: 920-994-2600 Email: husabergchamp@myexcel.com Help Build the OHV Community’s Voice in Wisconsin! Off-Highway Vehicle Organization Development Workshop Saturday – April 14, 2007 Location to Be Announced The Wisconsin Four Wheel Drive Association, Wisconsin Off-Highway Vehicle Association, the American Motorcyclist Association District 16 and the National Off-Highway Vehicle Conservation Council will conduct a one-day off-highway vehicle organization development workshop on Saturday, April 14, 2007. The purpose of the workshop is for off-highway motorcycle, ATV and four-wheel drive enthusiasts and OHV-oriented businesses to come together to build Wisconsin’s OHV clubs, specific vehicle associations and increase cooperative efforts to build the OHV community’s voice in the state. The workshop will include work on leadership, communication, organization management, education outreach, working with elected officials and land managers, and building partnerships. Keep a watch on the following websites for the location and other updates on the workshop: • AMA District 16 http://cycleusa.com/dist16/ • Wisconsin 4WDA http://forum.w4wda.org/forums/383/ShowThread.aspx#383 • Wisconsin OHV Assn. www.wohva.com • NOHVCC www.nohvcc.org A registration fee of $15.00 will be charged to help cover materials, lunches and beverages. Advance registration is required. The registration deadline is April 7. There will be no on-site registration. For registration forms please contact Ann Vance at 888-458-0131or at avance@nohvcc.org. For further information regarding the workshop please contact Chris Hannis, WI 4WDA at 920-379-6074 or 9erscruiser@centurytel.net or Alex Bub, WI NOHVCC State Representative at 920-994-2600 or husabergchamp@myexcel.com. The National Off-Highway Vehicle Conservation Council is a non-profit educational foundation. For information regarding the NOHVCC and its workshop program visit its website at www.nohvcc.org. Join us on April 14. Help create a positive future for Wisconsin OHV recreation!
  5. Husabergchamp

    No Wisconsin

    Some of the ATV trail systems also allow bikes on them but it varies from county to county. The Dun-Good ATV system in Marinette County allows street legal dual-sports but not pure dirt bikes. I teach MSF Intro to trail riding classes using the Marinette County ATV trails and verified the trail use with the County Forestry Department. Jackson Conty allows pure dirt bikes but you need a county sticker. The state is a bit confusing when you look at individual county restrictions so its best to call and find out.
  6. Husabergchamp

    Are you indirectly funding the Sierra Club?

    It has been suggested that we should all be joining these fringe anti-access groups and trying to change them from within. Join and go to Sierra Club meetings, demand that they change their policies, be pursuasive, and have your facts right. Name calling does not help and just raises everyones blood pressure. Suggest that the different groups addressing land use issues should work together. Volunteer to help, get involved! I have been working with land-use issues for many years as a NOHVCC state representative. We have learned that you have to work with these groups and not just name call or threaten action against them. Some of the local groups can be approached in a business-like manor and you can have meaninful dialog with them if everone remains calm and sticks to facts. NOHVCC has helped many groups planning OHV parks and riding areas get all impacted groups together right from the start when planning new riding areas. You need the same approach when having to deal with keeping existing areas open. If you get ALL stakeholders involved (local officials, the "Green" groups, neighbors, riders, and all other groups with a stake like the BRC, NOHVCC, AMA, etc. you will have a much better chance at having success. So just bashing the Sierra Club is not helpful in the long run (but yes, it does feel good). The better idea: Join it, CHANGE it. Remember, keep your friends close, but keep your enemies even closer. One other important item that just gives our detractors so much ammunition: keep your bikes quiet. Leave the racing exhausts for the race track.