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  1. bigcarp225

    Rear disc brakes on TTR 225

    Something I was thinking about the other day - would it be possible to simply replace my rear wheel with one from a used YZ or TTR 250? That would require less modifications, and less hassle for me, if in fact it would work. Supposing that this would work, is the sprocket size on either of the 250's the same size or would I need to make some modifications that way also?
  2. bigcarp225

    Rear disc brakes on TTR 225

    I was wondering if it is possible to replace the rear brakes on a 225 with disc brakes from possibly a YZ or some other model, or if there are any kits out there to do this with. I hate the stock rear brakes, and desperately want to make some sort of improvement! If someone has some insight, if you've done this, or know of any links that would assist me i'd love to hear about it.
  3. bigcarp225

    TTR 225 Rear Brakes

    I just traded my '94 Blaster for an '02 TTR 225. This is the first dirt bike that i've ever owned. I noticed the first time that I rode it that I have no rear brake. My first thought was that it must just be worn out, and I need to get new brakes. After searching on the internet, however, I have found several comments in different places that show problems with the rear brakes on this bike. I am wondering, is there a problem with the stock brakes, and if so, is it correctable, or do I need to simply replace them? Also, are there any aftermarket upgrades for the rear brakes or should I just replace them with the OE part? Like I said, i'm brand new to this dirt bike, so any kind of help or guidance would be welcome and very helpful. Thanks!