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  1. Czdavec

    1979 Honda CR 250 opinions

    Go to the AHRMA home page and check out the suppliers.There is a company that specializes in the Vintage Elsinores.They can probably clue you in to any particuler bugs with that bike.I believe that year came with the 23" front wheel which will limit your front tire choice.Also that year had a chrome cyl bore" I think" might have just been the 125 though. So if you need to do a top end you will need to have the correct rings for the chrome bore. Vintage racing is a blast, so I hope you decide to join us in the fun. CZdavec
  2. Czdavec

    Fabbing up a complete 2 stroke pipe

    Try calling aircone in Nevada.If they are still in bussiness.They used to advertise in the back of cycle news.They would sell cones, radius bends, or even complete pipes.Good luck.
  3. Czdavec

    77 TT500 Fork Conversion?

    Use the triple trees off the YZ.As the fork tube dia. is larger than the TT's.It's a pretty straightforward swap if you are mechanical.
  4. Czdavec

    Works VS. Progressive shocks

    I have run both progressives and the works shocks.If you race them hard the progressives will lose damping toward the end of a race,But,They are an excellent value for the price.I have also never had an issue with warrenty problems through progressive. Now on to Works.Great shocks,rebuildable,mine work very well on a long travel TT500 that I race in the evolution class.However,dealing with works can be an exercise in frustration.1st time they didn't process my order,then it took several more calls to them to get the order processed.Didn't get the exact shocks I ordered,and nearly missed the 1st round of the series.I also have several friends who run Works and there expiriances are the same.So be prepared to follow up and stay on them to get what you want.
  5. Czdavec

    77 TT500 Fork Conversion?

    Use the forks off of a 77-78 YZ 250or 400.Works way better,I run them on my TT500 race bike.Use some new progressive springs and 20 to 30 weight fork oil.Depends on your weight and preference.
  6. Czdavec

    New shock for Yammie monoshocker?

    Sorry, my bad on the internet address it is x-tremevintageyz.com. The ph# is 719-200-1582.
  7. Czdavec

    New shock for Yammie monoshocker?

    Try out xtreme-vintageyz.com. He makes a completely new monoshock based on a Fox shock off of an offroad race car.I have a friend who races a vintage YZ and he bought one,says it works fantastic.Has way better dampning than the origional plus is completely rebuildable.Hope this helps.
  8. Czdavec

    2002 Ktm 520sx

    Hi I own and race a 02 520 SX.Absolutly love the bike. The 4 speed can be a little akward but careful gearing onthe sprokets will minemize it.The suspension is tops.Better than the same year EXC,Mxc bikes.The engine also runs a little harder than the off road only bikes.It hits a little bit harder. Other than changing the oil regularly and keeping the valves adjusted the bike has been trouble free.Hope this helps.
  9. Czdavec

    Yamaha TT500 White Bros.swingarm

    Thanks for the good advice.I know about setting the tension with the pivot ,sproket and axle in line. But I hadn't thought of using fixed chain rollers to control the tension at the extremes.I have put a modern chain guide on it at the rear sproket but hadn't been able to figure out a fix on the other end.As you said those chains go way loose when you get away from the tightest point.Any chance you could send some pics of your setup? Thanks again.
  10. I am getting a 81 TT500 prepped for this seasons race series.It has a White Bros aluminium swingarm on it but didn't come with any sort of chain tensioner on it.I am hoping that someone out there can provide me with the info I need to get it set up correctly.The amount of slack you have to run in the chain to take advantage of the extra travel without binding up is way to much to keep the chain from derailing."The swingarm shows ample evidence of this happening in the past" Any help will be apriciated. Thanks