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    New frank reins sections?

    The riding at Frank Raines (not Reins) has been epic this year. This place does not have an ounce of clay in the soil and even on the muddiest days, practically nothing sticks to your bike (unlike neighboring Carnegie, go figure). I too am an LGMC member and would like to add a little info about the park, and our private riding area. We are currently in the process of improving the land, cutting trails, and establishing relations with our resident neighbors. We do plan to have open-house events as well as invitational events in the future, but need to keep low key for now as we are just starting to sort out several issues and trying not to upset the neighbors who already look at us unfavorably. We look forward to having guests come out and ride with us in the future, but for the time being, we need to keep access restricted. to learn more about us, see losgatosmotorcycleclub.org thanks, Dan