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  1. Yours come with the wires cut off?
  2. I received a Baja Designs headlight kit for my TTR225. It has a main bulb that is a high / low beam. Also has a smaller bulb to the side and below the main bulb. The kit came with the wires to this little bulb cut off.The head light high and low beam work fine. Anyone know what this little bulb is/was for?
  3. I am looking for a good used one in the Pa. area. Help anyone?
  4. I am looking for a TTR 125 as a starter bike for my 14 yr. old daughter. She is 5'3'' and 105 lbs. Can you guys and girls riding a TTR 125 give me some advise. Is the ttr 125 too big?And what is the difference between the TTR125L & the TTR125LE?