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  1. Gsport

    moto jack rack?

    I Have both the MOTOJACK and Shadowhauler rail for my truck. I HIGHLY recommnend the Motojack hauler. Once your bike is hooked on, it doesn't move at all on the motojack...I would buy it again!!!! I thought the rail style would work for my streetbike, and that's why I bought it...I had planned on selling the motojack, but seeing how easy, light, and fast it is to use the motorack, I will likely keep it... I don't have the front tire holder, but just use a bungee to hold the front tire steady..Works very well on my tahoe..
  2. Gsport

    Frame Needed

    I have a 94 frame, shock, etc... I will cut the frame for you...I want $65 for the frame. PM me and we can work something out..
  3. Gsport

    ever seen one of these..

    I'll have a street legal conversion XR100 /CR Conversion for sale shortly. Project started back in october, and just don't have time to finish... 95 CR chasis, with upside down forks, Many brand new parts, still in the wrappers; complete BBR Exhaust, etc..Located in NJ, will not part out...If interested contact me...Engine mounts are complete, frame professionally painted, still some fab to complete, but all parts are there...Clear, NJ streetable title!!! I'll be looking to get about $1500....
  4. Gsport

    Looking for any xr80/100 parts you have!!!

    I have a lot of parts...All parts are off a 1994 XR100..many parts will fit other years. Most in excellent (9/10) condition...If not, it will be identified as such when you request information. Prices listed do not include shipping. I accept Paypal, or Money orders...Wanted to give fellow TT'rs the advantage before I list these on Ebay. Here's a partial list...I'll give you a package deal....$150 for all..plus actual shipping.. Frame and swing arm $65 Handle bars $10 Front Tire (NEW) / Rim / Hub $45 Clutch Lever and Perch $10 Throttle Tube and Assembly / Cables $10 Kill Switch $5 Front Fender $5 Side Plates $15 Seat $25 some pics: http://groups.msn.com/ATVNJ/atvpartsforsale.msnw?Page=4 thanks for looking, Chris
  5. Gsport

    Exhaust for 89 XR250?

    I have a complete pipe (Header, and exhaust) in excellent condition...from my 87 250r...If you want it, PM me....I'm looking to get $75 for both, plus actual shipping charges...Just about to list all the parts on ebay..G-Powersports The header comes with the flanges...like brand new!
  6. Gsport

    Black Polisport fenders

    Thumertalk can get them for you....I just got a whole set for my XR...