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    KTM 450SX vs XR400

    correction on his bike, it is a 2004 450SX. We are in southern Colorado and were riding basicly on dirt and some shale. When he told me his wheel was spinning I had to laugh because his was pretty much new and mine is getting close to needing replacement. I guess it could be the gearing and such, his is a 4 speed maybe geared more towards racing and mine obviously more toward trail and street use.
  2. Unbelivable, just had a friend buy a 2003 KTM 400ex, sweet bike. However, I was shocked when we had a race on open flat dirt and my ol' 1998 XR400 kept up without any problems, in fact I had 5th gear left. Granted, the race was probably no longer than 1/4 mile. I tried to tell him that something has to be wrong with his bike, but he states that he was "spinning" his rear wheel the whole time and might of had some cluth slippage. The only mod on the XR is a Mikuni carb. My buddy isn't the best rider in the world but at least knows how to shift. What gives?? I honestly expected to be choking on dust.
  3. trilink4

    1998 XR400 kickstarter problem

    Thanks for the replies. This was my first post and I'm impressed. Well indeed the very tip of the counter shaft is broken off. Sounds like exactly what a few other XR riders on this forum have experienced. Luckily, I have a buddy who will do the work at a much better price than the Honda shop. It's still going to run around $500 (cough) bucks, but the only other option is not to ride.....Thanks again for your help Happy Trails
  4. I took my bike into the Honda shop to get the kickstarter fixed, when trying to kickstart it has nothing to it. It also wiggles a little when shaking it. I was shocked to get a $700 estimate to fix. They are telling me that the kickstarter is fine but that the end of the countershaft is broken, and to replace they have to pull the head and split the case to replace??? Does this sound right to any of you? If this mechanic is legit, and this indeed has to be done; how hard would this be to do myself with a Clymer manual and decent set of tools. Any special tools required? What doesn't make sense to me is that I can ride it just fine, the tranny isn't the issue, just can't kickstart it. Anybody put a aftermarket electric start on an XR?? Thanks for any input.