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  1. jimmyKX250F

    RV so exciting Not

  2. jimmyKX250F

    I can't stand Pourcel

    I cant stand him either. Just seems like an ass to me. I think its funny how foreigners always think we don't like someone just because they are not American. Try again....
  3. hahaha! I know what TSBs are:thumbsup: Just wondering if that is what he was talking about sending me. I see how you got that from my post though.
  4. Thanks my man! Ill have to get that for ya once im outta work. Also, just curious as to what kind of info your talking about sending me. TSBs? Not questioning, just curious.
  5. Not really expecting them to do much really. just wondering who else on here has the same prob. thanks for the replies!
  6. That's exactly what i was thinking. Its definitely a PITA with the plugs being 4 or 5 inches down in the hole. On top of that, there are only about 4 or 5 threads on the plug itself. I actually called Ford Customer service about it, with no luck at all, of course. I guess they can justify because most people don't put the oem plugs in and because I guess its not life threatening or emissions related. Im debating on just sleeving the rest of them before it cost me more money in coil packs.
  7. My truck is a 2002 supercrew. It has been great up until recently. Basically the only problem it has had is this spark plug/coil pack issue. But its kind of a big problem.
  8. Do you have problems with spark plugs blowing out of the head and end up stripping out the threads on the head. The spark plug literally backs out and blows the coil pack out. Coil pack $45, spark plug $3 or $4, 1 hour time spent re-tapping the hole for an insert. EVERY 2 MONTHS! 5 more to go before they are all tapped for an insert on mine. I hear 1000's of people have this problem and ford has no intention of a recall. Just curious if anybody on here has this same problem. Yeah i should have bought a Chevy. EDIT: Here is a google search i did, so you can see how many people have this problem http://www.google.com/#hl=en&q=2002+ford+f150+spark+plug+blow+out&aq=f&aqi=&oq=&fp=c26c79a56c95bda8
  9. jimmyKX250F

    Phx SX Track Video Game Style

    Thats badass! They should do that with every track!
  10. jimmyKX250F

    My anodized/engraved can holder

    Thats nice man! Good idea!
  11. jimmyKX250F

    new pro circuit 450 team Never say never!

    I'd really like to see IT9 on this team as well.
  12. jimmyKX250F

    Supercross K-DUB 250F for Unadilla?

    From Racer X http://www.racerxonline.com/article/pre-entry-list-for-unadilla-retro-national.aspx