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  1. Nice work on the numbers.
  2. "I was wondering if any one knows how many of the 08’s have the cam /oil transfer issues that I am having?" was the question. I read through 32 replys, and read about 6 different bikes with problems. Does this mean that only 6 TT'ers have had problems with their 530, I doubt it. But I guess there's not a lot of people writing about how happy they are with their 530. I too wonder how many have had problems. With 70 + hours, mine runs great with no problems. It's a bummer to read about guys not buying a 530, or freak'n cause they did, because of a (IMO)isolated problem. My 530 excr rocks, and I love it. But I like the question how many. How many have problems and how many don't. I'd like to see those numbers.
  3. radvocaat

    Quit Advertising Your Local Riding Areas!!!

    I'll bet someone is up there right now, friday night, raining. No place for me with my kids tonight, but I sure hope someone can catch them! Where was the injured rider riding? Choppered out, sounds bad. Is he doing ok?
  4. radvocaat

    Quit Advertising Your Local Riding Areas!!!

    I think I know the spot you're refering to. I was up there last sunday, got split up so I looped back, and came across that field with the dead cow. Shocker, don't see that every sunday dirt church! That field, or now mud bog, used to be a nice flat grassland that a bike would almost invisably scoot across, now it's deep truck scar after truck scar. Seems these dickheads with the big 4X4's hit that area after rain when it's most sensitive. Rarely, if ever, do you see dirt bikes in the back of a truck with 40" tires, four feet off the ground. Maybe as users of these areas, we should be taking plates of said dick knuckles, and/or offer up a good ass whoop'n! I dunno, but im pissed too, and losing that area would be very uncool. People like the easy access to that area, maybe it should be closed to trucks, and have a designated parking area for off road recreation. Or just close access there all together. Im sure im not the only local that could access those DIRT BIKE TRAILS from many other spots. There is really nothing in there but trails, so no real need to take your truck in anyway. Wouldn't you think it would be easy to catch these dick wads if someone of authority rode there quad or truck up there on any given weekend evening, or all weekend for that matter, and really blast a few of these dick magots with the fear of losing everything. Or do something besides close our dirt bike trails because of non dirt bikers! Next time you see some lil dick with a big truck, and you know he's been out there tearing up grasslands cause he doesn't have the skills to actually drive off road, shame that DICKHEAD! So there!
  5. radvocaat

    08 530exc snaking at speed

    Have you balanced the wheels?
  6. radvocaat

    YZ85 vs KX85 fork guards

    I've searched enough, so now I ask, do any year yz80(are 85 different?) fork guards for USD forks fit. I can't seem to find any, other than stock ones for $50 each from Yamaha. That Chickenhauler dude did a great write up on a TTR125 fork/triple swap to a YZ80 fork/triple. My son is stoked to ride it again. His ttr is a 01, as is the yz80 fork we put on. Anyone know if the fork guards are different from 01(or earlier USD forks) til 08? Thanks
  7. radvocaat

    A few ttr125 yz rear conversion updates

    Nice work dude. How bout that update!
  8. radvocaat

    A few things on my 650L...

    When you get around to putting the stock link in and respringing it for your weight, you'll be blown away. At your size, it must feel awkward to ride now. Im 6'4" and 230, and it was night and day once I got the front and rear done(at the same time!!)
  9. When James called me and spent the time to answer all my questions, I was very impressed. Top notch tech service. Im under the impression my satisfaction is priority to JD. The extra $$ to get it right the first time vs my time and frustration (did I mention my time!!)= well worth it! JD sells the crf diaphram and a fuel mixture screw too, so its a one stop shop, and your bike will be dialed. So another +1 for "the kit"!
  10. radvocaat

    Bit the Bullet - 08 450 EXC-R

    Sounds like you have the gearing sorted, or on the right track. Buy the JD kit, you won't be disappointed(rejetting is a MUST). Take a rubber mallet to your end cap(to remove it), and remove(cut) the restrictor. I use a flatland aluminium skid plate, somewhat inexpensive, but good protection from the rock you'll be riding in Squamish. You've bought good boots and pants, now save them with exhaust guards! I used Flatland rad guards too, inexpensive as well, but there are better finished ones i've seen. How about a rear disc guard too?? And so it begins!! IMO, these bikes ARE ready to race(or ride), after a couple hundred in mods. Remove(all emissions junk), re-gear, re-jet and guard yourself and your bike. I love my 530 excr!! From Kamloops--Peace
  11. radvocaat

    Looking for guide in BC

    Are your bikes plated?
  12. radvocaat

    ***Best looking KTM contest***

    The snow has finally gone!
  13. radvocaat

    08 XR650L Acerbis 5.8 gallon tank

    so I ordered a RWS triple clamp 3" tall, 1 1/8 pro taper rc high, where does a guy buy longer cables, (does TT sell them).I read in some treads that I will need them. venne, I put the RWS upper triple and 3" bar risers on my XRL, and had to reroute the cables, but the stockers worked fine, with a high bend bar! I weigh about the same as you, and after I revalved and resprung the bike, it was a new machine. Good luck!
  14. radvocaat

    08' 530 Exc - R

    No problems here! The ones I read about on forums seems to be sorted out. I think you'll love it like most do!! You will want to change the gearing as well as the jetting and pipe(just mod the stocker!).