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    Replacing the Cam Chain?

    Thanks for the replies I really appreciate them. I'm with Yzflier and curious Grey if you have a recommended service schedule in general for our YZ450's? It seems you are definitely, in my opinion, the most qualified guy to get direction on servicing Yamahas. Thanks again!
  2. Hello all it's been a while. I have a question about replacing the cam chain. I have a 2012 YZ450 with about 75 hrs on it and need to do some work replacing parts after a pretty good crash. My question is should I just look at replacing the chain now while the bikes is out of commission or should I wait? I've replaced the chain on previous bikes at about 100 or so hours and every time it wasn't even stretched. Has anyone had any issues with their chains by waiting until it was at 100 plus hours? It is regularly ridden and raced but at a Vet B level. Any replies would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  3. So anyone have an idea if I will be able to find the circlip fishing around with a magnet in the bottom end? I won't be able to try until Friday or Saturday and was curious what my odds may be. It came out on the timing chain side so maybe I got lucky and its stuck to my magneto. Let me know what any of you think or maybe have suggestions on how to find it. Thanks!
  4. Got it tore down and unfortunately Polar Bus you are correct. The circlip popped out on the timing chain side and the the wristpin has contacted the side of my cylinder and left a groove that has likely trashed the cylinder wall! So now it looks like I get to buy a new cylinder and piston kit etc. My question is how lucky would I have to be to find and remove the circlip from the bottom end without splitting the cases? I may try to fish around with a magnet and hope for the best. Thanks for all the comments and ideas of what was causing my sudden rattle.
  5. Gray and all thanks for the reply. I guess I should say I believe the timing is correct because at TDC the marks at the cams are flush with the valve cover (3 o'clock and 9 o'clock) and then there is 13 pins between the 12 o'clock marks. The noise does not change when the clutch is engaged or disengaged so maybe it is the top end. Would it still be able to run and seem normal (other than the rattle) if it was the piston or valves? I probably won't have time to tear further into it until this weekend. Could it possible be something like the timing chain tensioner failing? Any other info would be greatly appreciated!
  6. KJK_JR, yes I was able to tear it down that far tonight and checked the timing which is still ok (13 pins on the chain between the 12 o'clock marks on the cams). It seems to run fine other than the knocking/rattling noise which like I said earlier leads me to think it may be something in the bottom end. Let me know if you have any other suggestion and thanks for the quick reply!
  7. Today while riding my engine suddenly started knocking or rattling loudly. I was able to limp it off the track but can't quite tell if the noise is coming from the top or bottom end. The engine starts and runs without a miss but has a knock or rattle that is very loud and sounds like possible piston slap. Anyone have any ideas what this may be? When I get some time I will pull the top end to look at and change the oil to see if there is any debris in the filter etc. It was running fine up until that point. I only have about 12 hours on the new top end but it has ran fine till now which makes me wonder if something happened on the bottom end. If anyone has any thoughts let me know! Thanks!
  8. Thanks Grayracer! Yeah I found the clip which must have slipped out when I installed the camshaft cap but luckily was right on top of the head. Is this something I can clean up myself or should I take it to a machine shop? If I can do it myself do you have any recommendations on how to clean it up properly? Man, I feel dumb considering I've done top ends in the past without issue and then have something stupid like this happen. Thanks again for your wealth of knowledge on this site!
  9. Put a top end in my bike and put it back together and tried to start it. Kicked down hard and motor kicked over but sounded weird and no compression. I pulled the valve cover off and the timing chain had slipped off of the exhaust cam and pulled the exhaust cam over to the left. After taking the cams out I see that the lobes had made some contact with the head to the side of the lifter buckets. So my question is how screwed am I? Can the metal pieces be cleaned out and then am I good to go or do I need to take it to a machine shop for some clean up work. Or do I have to buy a new head? Thanks for any help! IMG]http://i1239.photobucket.com/albums/ff515/opie775/IMG_9072.jpg[/img]
  10. opie

    advice on 09 yz450 exhaust

    I'm with Gray. I put a Dr. D on my bike and it definitely woke it up. I was able to find a used titanium system online that was like new for $400.
  11. Dr. Mark, Unfortunately my insurance does not cover a surgery done by you. So I have started to talk with some local Orthopaedic surgeons to repair my ACL. Two I have talked with do two different procedures and I wanted your opinions on each. One does a patellar graft but from the same leg and is saying about 6 months recovery. The other does a quadrupled semitendinosus tendon repair and is also saying 6 months. This doctor does alot of skiing athletes etc so I am leaning towards him because they do alot of athletes and athletic rehab but I am a little concerned with it being a hamsting repair. Any insight you have would be greatly appreciated.
  12. opie


    I agree it is hard but definitely worth it! Just take it slow at first, do the best you can and you will see and feel results. I did it all last winter and came into the race season stronger and better. I then cut it back a little during the race season due to riding more but still kept building on my baseline. I plan on doing the routine again this winter but a knee injury may slow me a little but I will definitely do what I can because it makes you stronger physically and mentally I think.
  13. I injured my ACL (High Grade Intrasubstance Tear) back in April and posted some questions to you. http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=639822&highlight= Well the day after Thanksgiving at a race I ran into a downed rider in a corner, tipped over, heard and felt a pop and the immediate pain I experienced back in April. After EMS took me off the track I was able to put some weight on the leg and had very little swelling (you almost couldn't tell). I was referred to an Ortho by my family doctor. He took an X Ray and wiggled my leg around to feel how loose the leg was and also looked at the MRI results I had back in early May. He felt that surgery would be the best bet since I had previously tore the ACL. He would like to do the Hamstring graft on it as he has not done the contralateral patella graft and says that after a years time studies have shown the strength is close between the hamstring and patella grafts. He is also saying 6 months minimum to get back on the bike and close to a year for full recovery. I would prefer to have the procedure done by you if possible. I have e-mailed Yvonne a copy of my insurance card and some info to see if this is possible. My questions are: If you cannot do it and I cannot find an experienced surgeon for the patella graft is the hamstring graft my next best option? Is recovery of the hamstring really that long? Should I try to get another MRI to verify any other injuries that may have happened to the knee before getting any surgery? Any expert advice would be greatly appreciated as I really respect your opinion and the great successes you have with fixing us fellow MXers. I believe the doctors at the facility here a probably pretty good as this is TOSH (The Orthopedic Specialty Hospital) but really would like your take on my situation. Thanks again!
  14. Guys, I am in the market to upgrade from my 2006 YZ450 and was curious what opinions you have on the 2008 YZ450 versus the 2009. I know there are very few changes between the two and wonder if it is worth buying the 09 or just find a dealer looking to get rid of their 08 inventory and save a little bit of money. What do you guys think?
  15. Dr. Mark and CaptainKnobby, Thanks for the quick replies! I really respect Dr. Mark's opinion and Knobby I have been following your posts on your injury, surgery and recovery (looks like things are going good for you, congrats!) The only question I had is on any additional exercise I can do (yoga, weightlifting, etc). that may help keep building strength and flexibility in my legs? Again, any feedback would be greatly appreciated! Once this ends up a full tear (hopefully not for quite a while) I will definately try to get to Dr. Mark to get it fixed! Thanks again!