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  1. I've got a 2008 WR 250R that has an intermittant engine miss at idle. I't almost like a brief hiccup at idle. Sometimes it will kill the bike. No problems at higher rpms though. It was running fine when I put it to bed last fall. Anybody got ideas?
  2. I currently own an R2 and had a XR650L about 8 years ago...loved them both. However, they are like comparing apples and oranges. Go with the R2 if you intend to ride primarily off-road and with the XR if you think you'll be doing mostly road. The R2 is relatively light, but the XR is a beast.
  3. What kind of rpm are you doing when you hit 80 mph?
  4. Thanks...I just downloaded a manual off of Ebay and will check settings.
  5. Personally, I like the thing because of the tracking feature. My wife can see where I'm at on Google Earth on a 20 minute by 20 minute basis. Used it when I climbed Mt. McKinley last year and school kids across the whole country tracked me.
  6. I've got a '98 Yamaha Venture 480 snowmobile with what I think is clutch problem. After the machine goods thoroughly warmed up (about 20 minutes) the machine wants to move forward at idle speed (1500 rpm). Even when I turn the idle down further (1000 rpm) it's still grabbing and wanting to move forward. I even have to use the parking brake to keep it stopped. Any ideas?
  7. Ditto Zadok's comments...with decent tires this is an awesome dirt bike. Granted it needs a date with Jenny Craig and some lower gearing, but once those things are done it's great in the dirt.
  8. Buy gas every chance you get!
  9. At they are part number 1045600030
  10. Well, I got the EBC brand stiffer springs in yesterday. Definitely a much heavier hit and a more responsive feel. The stock springs did look pretty wimpy in comparison to the EBC's. Haven't tried them on the trail yet because the honey-do list was pretty long yesterday...
  11. I buy old used Garmin Etrex receivers off of Ebay that do not utilize the WAAS augmentation satellites like the newer ones do. The difference in accurracy +/- 30-40 feet as opposed to 10-20 for the units with WAAS. The benefit is you can often get them for as little as $20 on Ebay and you haven't lost much in a crash or if stolen. The downside is the older Etrexes antennae are not as sensetive in heavily wooded areas.
  12. I ordered some stronger springs from Rocky Mountain ATV/MC: I'm going to install them this weekend and let everybody know how they worked.
  13. Ditto it is a great bike...but I like the 250 for its weight. A 650 version would need a Jenny Craig diet in a big way.
  14. I recently geared my WR 250 R way down (12t front sprocket and 51t rear) and now my clutch seems a little wimpy. What does everyone think of stiffer clutch springs..and where would you find them?
  15. I used it in my CRF 250 and thought it was worth. Never had a single boil over. FYI