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  1. My forks on my '06 wr250 have a slight "click click" with the forks off, also. I torqued all of the support bolts that attach to the forks, but that didn't help either. The motion is still good in the forks, so I am going to ride it that way, but it is disconcerting. Let me know if you have found the answer to get rid of this little bit of play. thanks,
  2. autogami

    1987 xr 250 r carb issues

    thanks...I decided to just get a carb rebuild kit. Bike had a bach of bad gas in it for about a decade. Carb probably needs a rebuild anyway.
  3. autogami

    1987 xr 250 r carb issues

    I recently acquired an '87 xr250r. I have started to rebuild things and today I finally had it running. When I turn the gas on, the car send fuel out onto the ground through one of the over flow tubes. Would a carb rebuild kit do the trick? thanks,
  4. autogami

    computer and clutch

    bike: 2006 wr 250 f symptom 1: computer flashes "EP" and can't be reset? symptom 2: changed oil, refilled with Yamalube 10w-50, now clutch doesn't work. I can start the bike in nuetral, pull clutch in, shift, then it immediately dies. another question: I am going to mic the pads. I might drop in new plates...is there any difference between carbon or kevlar clutch plates. Should I replace springs? thanks all,
  5. I am making the switch to KTM. I had a '99 YZ400f (which I hated). I do mostly woods riding here in the pacific northwest. I am looking at an '06 250 sxf. How is this 6 speed, close ratio tranny for crawling along over slow, very technical stuff. Also, do they make fly-wheel weights and Rekluses for these bikes yet? thanks!
  6. autogami

    smoke on start-up and finicky carb

    thanks for all of the replies. The smoke smells of oil, so I suppose that it is a leaky seal. Once again...another satisfied customer. thanks all
  7. I have a 99 yz 400 F. It smokes on start up and the carb seem finicky. I have just done a valve job and rebuilt the carb. I live at sea level and dropped the needle clip on groove to allow more fuel due to cold temps. Carb has always been finicky. I want to sell the bike, but need to know if the problems I see are common or not. I have done everything I could think of to elliminate acceleration lag. HELP.
  8. does anybody know the difference between the 99yz400f and the yz400fl? Is there a difference? thanks,
  9. I have heard lighter oil in the forks can soften up the suspension. I am not a very big guy 165# and the front forks are killin my arms. I have heard putting 5 weight in them can make a big difference. Does anybody know what stock weight is? does it really make a significant difference? Any body recommend an oil or even ATF? -Autogami 99 yz400f
  10. I have a 99 yz400f and want to put a magura hydraulic clutch on it. Does anybody know if it is worth the $200 price tag? autogami
  11. i have a 99 yz400f. I just bought it and my friends do a lot of trail riding. Some sections are pretty slow. The gearing in the yz is a bit tall for slow riding. I want to put a heavier flywheel on the bike. They come in 8, 10, and 12 ounce sizes. Has anybody done this before and what size can they reccomend? I don't want to lose a lot of quick power, but I don't want to keep feathering the clutch and/or stalling all of the time. thanks