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  1. Way to go buddy!
  2. Sounds like a great trip Rudy. Nice to see you on here!
  3. That's priceless, thanks for the post!
  4. Who has full moto results posted?
  5. Great info scotty thanks!
  6. I hope Caselli is geting some big bank from these guys because his resume could be alot longer. I watched him the week before the 250 in El Centro smoking everybody around him taking first place. I could not believe the speed he was carrying. I hope you are all lucky enough to see him race. It realy is a thing of beauty.
  7. Where can we find video of those two before they DNF'd?
  8. anything on 272X?
  9. XR650R: Does anybody know if I can I use Buchanan spokes on a stock hub with an aftermarket rim on the front? For example, Moose Racing rim. Thank you.
  10. Put a new clutch in and now it does not engage. When I pull in the clutch lever there is no resistance what so ever down by the cable!!! The little cable lever and the motor just turns freely! Could the two shafts not be alligned correctly??? thanks
  11. Thanks SB.great job
  12. RBSGIRL, how did 2x get passed???
  13. Scotty, I'm searching franticaly for other sources for updates. You and RBSGIRL are the only lifelines up to date! Thanks
  14. Keep yit going Scotty great job!
  15. keep it coming rbsgirl!!! what else?what else?