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  1. 1.0 KG or 87 inch pounds
  2. Kawasakis still have 36 spokes not 32.
  3. sounds to me like your disc is not centered in the brake caliper, you need to make sure it is centered first then go from there, you may have put some other spacer in one side or the other the stock wheel spacers are the same size on both sides.
  4. .The washer is aluminum and it would be fine not to use it, the cases are aluminum so they would seal fine for a short use.
  5. fits just fine no mods needed it is a little wider but that's the price you pay for longer rides.
  6. I"m 43 and i started when i was 6 racing at irwindale raceway in CA, it has been the best sport of my life, but i would say buy them some Golf clubs or a tennis racket and be safe.
  7. Just order a KDX Rim and Kdx spokes and nipples they will fit perfect on your KXF hub
  8. Your needle and seet have a piece of something in between them it is not that big of a deal just pull the float bowl off and clean in between the two pieces.
  9. Kawasaki sells them as a accessory just go to the dealer and have him look under a KX500 that has the optional # i think the number is 43078 1173 but not sure.
  10. Take out your pilot jet and make sure you can see through it it is probably plugged.
  11. Ya it should be 87 in lbs or 1KG.
  12. Yes no problem
  13. Just buy a pair of flush cut pliers, usually you can find them at a electronic store much easier than a file.
  14. Also guys when you pull out the little screen make sure you note how it came out as it needs to go back in the same way the screen is not square.
  15. Your pilot jet is clogged usually if your bike won't run without the choke on your pilot jet is clogged.