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  1. STENY

    Ride Report - '06 TE 510 (first impression)

    Sounds like the smile got bigger since picking it up at GP this last week. I may be out there on one shortly too, though the TC 510 is calling my name louder. It will be a great addition to the all Husky Trail Ride in April. Glad you had fun and the report is 1st rate. See you soon Johnny. Steny
  2. Since FUD dies, has anyone taken over his every other year, 24 hour La Fud race? One year cars and the other year Bikes/quads? Just wondering since MDR took the vehicle part over? Anybody involved with helping FUD set that up for bikes, please PM me or email me at Bajahuskys@Yahoo.com. Thanks. Steny
  3. STENY

    desert racing

    Staring out your first desert race on a National Ranked event will be an eye opener for sure! I wouldn't suggest that as a first time desert racer, but maybe you are a natural and will feel right at home. Nationals are called that for a reason. They test the best of the best and everyone else struggles at there own levels of riding. Steny
  4. STENY

    Bike pics

    Well at least the Husky stands out against the white background! LOL! I bet that same area is great in the Spring and Summer though. I dont feel so bad waking up to 48* this morning after seeing this. Steny
  5. STENY

    Best bike for female?

    Start her with a really cheap, used bike and see how she does. If she progresses quickly and wants to ride a lot, then buy her something that will last and is easy to work on with good power to spare. Those 06 Husky TE 250s would be my first choice this year. Valve checks that take less than 10 minutes to perform, great quality parts, nothing to add to either trail ride or race (if she decides to later) and they are street legal in all 50 states (should DS rides be a possibility later on with you two) for 06. Parts are on line with the Yamaha's these days (1-3 days if shop doesn't carry them, same as all the Japanese dealers are as well). Steny
  6. STENY

    Front Fender Bag?

    Wrapping tools in a good size rag (to be used on ground to keep tools clean) will keep them secure in fender bag. I have used front fender bag for front tube. I bring two, since rear usually (9 times out of 10) goes flat first. Wrap it around fanny pack strap and duc tape bottom to stay on until needed. Day pack has clothes, walking sneakers, bicycle pump, Krip disc lock, medical bag and so forth. Fanny bag has all tools necessary for short trail side repairs and stops. Also wrapped in small towel to keep snug and secure. Hate to keep stopping on a 140-250 mile multi day ride to adjust tool load. Have seen front number plate bags and know guys that use them. Just not for me. Steny
  7. STENY

    Your Riding group

    My group if we can all get days off together; 1-04 Husky TC 450 - Mine if dirt only trip 1-94 Kaw KLX 650 BD/DS - Mine if there is street involved with dirt 1-75 Hus 400WR - Mine when I just want to have fun 6- Hon XR 650's (Trying to covert them all to Husky 06 TE 510s) 1- 05 Husky TE 450 1- Hon XR 250 (rider moved up to 05 Te and 18 yr old daughter rides XR 250 now when home from school) 1- Hon XR 200 vacant now 1- Hon XR 600 spare bike for riders who dont own and want to ride with us Thats it. Mostly Desert and Baja trips only, 8-10 times a year. Just have to work on not breaking so many bones these days. LOL! Steny
  8. STENY

    Bike pics

    Johnny, Looks a lot different than the other night at GP did? That Clarke tank reminds me of KTM tanks, up high like that. Clean looking though. If I wasn't sponsored by IMS, I'd consider it. But IMS deal too good to pass up these days. Especially with the DB dump can deal we have for Score racing. Keep sending in those pictures. Steny
  9. STENY

    2005 TC-450 Valves

    I heard that you holed the cases and ran for over 100 miles with no oil before it locked up. That sounded impressive for the Husky! Steny
  10. STENY

    86 Toy. 22r

    If it is an 86, are you sure it is not an RE instead of an R? 85s had Rs (carburetors) and 86 went to Fuel injection (RE). I just put a rebuilt 22R in my 85 last April. Truck had 224,950 miles on old engine. Steny
  11. STENY

    San Felipe 250 $

    There will be contingency money offered for all Husky racers who race on 04-06 Huskys, 2 or 4 stroke in Classes 21, 22 and 30 thru private donations for the San Felipe 250 in March. Class 40 and 50 as more funds are offered up. Right now, it will be Class 21 Pro, Class 22 Pro and Class 30 Pro. 1st and 2nd place in each class will win money, not Husky Bucks. Steny
  12. STENY

    BITD Parker 250 race report.

    Baja Husky Race Club will be offering through private funds, contingency bucks for the SF 250, Baja 500 and Baja 1000 this year. Not Husky Bucks, but money for Pro Classes in Class 21, 22 and 30 to start, for Husqvarna racers who place 1st or 2nd in class. Class 40 and 50 if more money comes into the pot as the year progresses. Must race an 04-06 Husky, 2 stroke or 4. Steny
  13. Any questions on the Score Husky Race Club effort should be sent to Bajahuskys@yahoo.com for answers. With the deletion of Husky_Forever the sticky has come down for that and the Annual Trail Ride. Fuel and pits for up to 10 race teams on Huskys only (04s to 06s) has been secured for the 2006 Score season starting in March. Contingency has been offered by a private source for Classes 21, 22 and 30 for the SF 250. First come, first serve is the rule here for pitting. Flyer's on this club will be sent to dealers nation wide in February. Steny
  14. STENY


    Go for it. The 05s worked out the jetting with a new carb. Of course, is that $3995 OTD or plus tax, setup and so forth? If it is OTD, jump on it. The TC is a fun bike to ride just about any where. Steny
  15. STENY

    New Husky Dealers As Of 1/05?

    I have a good team selected for Class 30, but no Husky. I could hook you guys up. Phone or email wise. They have raced Class 30 now for last 4 years in Baja. Live here in San Diego County and have raced XR 650s now since 2000. Steny