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  1. The A1 coverage here was only 30 minutes. Main only no heat races. SPEED coverage has been 1 hour with both heats.
  2. JeremyAHSCS

    considering a 2 stroke

    I went from a 250F to a YZ250 and love it! With a flywheel weight and gnarly pipe it has great low end for the woods and can still MX!
  3. Done. I wish SPEED had em all, much better coverage. Also what can we do to get OLN back on DISH? Better yet would be getting all their bike coverage moved to SPEED!
  4. Send me a private message and we can exchange phone nuumbers. I can pick up some extra pit passes and get them to you at the race. We normally get there between 11 and noon.
  5. Central Yamaha in Plano, Legacy Drive of Central Expressway (hwy 75) has had them the last two years for free! I'll be getting mine there.