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  1. motopsycho650

    Separated Right Shoulder

    Thank you Dr. Mark, that was a well written explanation. More info that I got from the ER and the Orthopedic Dr. combined. I'm thinking I'll get a second opinion. On a side note, when I'm dead, take all the parts you want. I won't need them. I'll wait to see how it feels, it's improving quickly. I am re-assured with the other posts saying their shoulders are okay. I want to do what's going to be better for my shoulder 20 years from now.
  2. motopsycho650

    Separated Right Shoulder

    I did think the hamstring tendon was a bit excessive. I will discuss that with the doctor. The reason I'm thinking surgery is bacause I can feel and see that shoulder drooping compared to the other one, and I can see the clavicle sticking up. I wish I had a digital xray, I only have films. when you said, "no tendon graft and immediate active motion of the shoulder.", did that mean I should avoid moving the shoulder after the surgery? Or should I be avoiding movement prior to the surgery? All I was told was not to lift or carry anything over 5 pounds, and to avoid painful movements.
  3. motopsycho650

    XR 650R coolant temp

    Also, a radiator cap with a little higher bar level will eliminate coolant boiling. I have a 1.5 bar cap and have never had a boiling problem again. I know this sound funny, but when I started using AMS oil, the coolant would not raise as much in the bottle, indicating that it is a bit cooler. I wish I had a gauge to verify that, but I swear it worked.
  4. motopsycho650

    Separated Right Shoulder

    I fell on a rock up in the mountains and separated my clavicle from the rest of my shoulder. I don't remember the exact term except it's a torn "AC joint". I went to an orthopedic doctor and he wants to do surgery to fix the ligament with one from my leg. I have to wait 2-4 weeks while the scabs and bruises heal. It's only been 4 days, and the pain has gone way down. I have used the sling when it gets tired and/or sore, but I have been told to move it around. What types of exercises, if any, can I do before and after the surgery? Also, can I play my guitar in the mean time? I avoid motions that cause pain, but I want to make sure I'm not going to make it worse.
  5. motopsycho650

    Xr650r handling question

    I guess this is the million dollar question. Where can I find fork valving info for slower, more technical terrain? All the articles I read apply more to desert racing. I love to open it up when I get out on the flats, but 90% of my riding is much slower. Averaging 20 MPH is tough work at all my local trails. I do know my bike is heavy and not really built for the mountains, but I grew up on dual-sports that were just as heavy. I bought the 650r for it's torque.
  6. motopsycho650

    Xr650r handling question

    16,000 off-road miles on the bike since I bought it. Probably 100 total crashes on the bike, mostly me being stupid. 5 years ago, I broke my femur, and I have since slowed down and don't take as many risks. I'm not really looking for why I crashed this time. I just wondered if other 650r owners have noticed this same pattern? Every other crash, I know exactly why I crashed. But these 3 specific times, the bike went down so fast I couldn't even throw a foot down. All 3 times have been going down hill on rocky terrain. I almost never sit on this bike, so I was standing on the pegs, feathering both front and rear brakes, and hitting the rocks like stair steps. Then, for reasons I can't explain, the bike is on it's side faster than you can blink. I never had a chance to throw a foot out, or even think, "I'm going to crash." @scalejockey With the exception of this issue, I have never complained about the stock fork valving. I just replaced fork seals, and have the oil level 13 CCs higher than normal, (The manual says 637 cc's ea., I used 650 ea.). With the additional oil, I have both the dampener and rebound adjustments a little softer than stock (2 clicks softer). Like I said, I love the front suspension for everything I ride, including the rocky downhills. I just wish I knew what force was causing these instant wash-outs.
  7. motopsycho650

    Xr650r handling question

    I've had an '03 XR650r since it was new. In the last 2 years, I have crashed a total of 3 times. All have been going down a rocky decent. This last fall was totally out of the blue. I'm bouncing down rocks, aiming for the solid looking ones, and for no reason what so ever, the front wheel washes out. I don't know if the rock moved or what, but it threw me into a rock, and broke my collar bone. Has anyone else experienced this with this bike? My cousin swears it's something with how the bike handles.
  8. motopsycho650

    5 Year Old Broken Femur - Possible Hardware Removal

    Well, The only reason I don't have back pain is because I make an effort to prevent it. The shoe lift works for most things, but makes other things very hard to do. I used to do a lot of martial arts, and without shoes, my back doesn't stand a chance. Sitting in a chair can be uncomfortable because one hip joint is bent more than the other, and one knee stands taller than the other. You suggested riding a bicycle to help re-hab, but I can't do that comfortably without the shoes, and I can't use any toe clips with the shoes. Even walking around the house without shoes is uncomfortable, I have to walk on the ball of my foot. If the difference in length was 1cm, I could deal with it. 3cm (about 1.25 inches) is a major difference in my opinion. I would be a much happier person to have both legs the same again.
  9. motopsycho650

    5 Year Old Broken Femur - Possible Hardware Removal

    That is very good to know. I assumed it would be considered "not medically necessary" because my shoe lift is effective at correcting most of the problem.
  10. motopsycho650

    5 Year Old Broken Femur - Possible Hardware Removal

    Assuming a doctor where to lengthen your femur bones, you do realize that it would require him to break both of your legs. You may not be walking at all for a good 6-12 weeks. Then, even with crutches, it's going to be really painful for quite awhile. I broke 1 femur, and that was enough. I could deal with the other one to even my legs back out. I don't even want to think about having both broke at the same time.
  11. motopsycho650

    5 Year Old Broken Femur - Possible Hardware Removal

    I will keep that in mind as I am 6'1". I talked to someone who had a leg shortened to match the other, and he said it was worth it in the long run. I assume the cost of a surgery like that would be similar to my initial surgery? (I know it's expensive). Could an insurance company be convinced to help? Or would that be considered an elective surgery? Lastly I have to ask, why would someone need to be at least 5'10"? On the hardware removal for my current leg, I decided I'm ready to go for it. I should be getting a call any day to schedule it.
  12. motopsycho650

    5 Year Old Broken Femur - Possible Hardware Removal

    Thanks. Having 2 different doctors say it looks good is much more re-assuring. Just for fun, do you know any doctors that would be willing to shorten my other femur to match the one I broke? My left leg is 3cm shorter that my right leg. Shoe lifts are okay, but I feel uneven during a lot of activities. My current doc, although a good surgeon, believes it the minimal medical intervention idea. He is not willing to purposely hurt my other leg, even if it is beneficial in the long run. Me, I just want to feel even and balanced again.
  13. motopsycho650

    5 Year Old Broken Femur - Possible Hardware Removal

    Does it look like it's going to be strong enough? The two notches and the thin looking bone on the top side of the side view are what worry me.
  14. Hey Dr. Mark. You may remember a little of my original posts after seeing the x-rays. I know my broken femur was not typical by any means. If anything, you may remember the interesting piece of drill bit that is now part of the bone. I have been working out more, and not having any limitations on activities. However, the head of the screw on the outside of my my knee causes a very sharp pain when it's weight bareing and bent. This includes doing squats and climing stairs. The only other pain involved is a cramp in my hip when I stand from a kneeling or cross legged position. Anyways, these X-rays were taken on 2-4-10 durring a visit to dicuss hardware removal. The doctor says he is confident that it looks healed enough. He said there would be no problem with the surgery, beside the normal infection risks, anesthetic risks, etc. I have to be willing to avoid high impact activities for 90 days following the surgery, including running and motorcycle riding. He also did not think a CT scan was nessicary. I just wanted to ask someone else in the field what they thought. I know the bone will have it's weak points, but does it seem safe to remove the hardware? You may not remember, I had 3 surguries over the first 18 months. Initial was the original nail, 2nd was a bone graph and nail replacement, third was removal of the hip screw.
  15. motopsycho650

    Colorado Pueblo OVH Park Conditions?

    I've really been itching to ride, but Pueblo is a long drive for me. How are the conditions?