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  1. Just saw the thread, 2012 TE250, São Paulo, Brazil
  2. I'm very very happy with my 12', too There is also another difference between them : the 13' has the sub frame in plastic instead of aluminum
  3. First ride last Sunday => Amazingly fast in long sandy sweeps, but also very very tractable in technical single track in a XC course, close to Sao Paulo City Loved it, exactly as written a recent Dirt Rider, which I quote => "eight-time National Enduro champ Mike Lafferty has found a second childhood aboard the Husaberg 250 two-stroke ..." Cheers !!!!!!!!!
  4. Just bought a 2012 TE250 here in Brazil !!
  5. Congrats, borlo, I also ended up getting the TE250; I was considering either a KTM 250XC or a 250 XC-W but decided on the 'berg because of import complications here in Brazil; hopefully will ride this weekend and will post some comments Cheers from Sao Paulo City !!!
  6. Folks, may I ask for some advice I have a Kawasaki KX250F and its spark plug is NGK CR9E; Now I ve got a 2008 KTM XCF 250 which spark plug is NGK CR9EKB I cannot find what the difference is ... Any help is highly appreciated Many many tks cpaiva [ from Sao Paulo, Brazil ]
  7. I also put hand guards on mine, besides changing to 14/47 sprockets (the tallest I could find) And a sidestand is very,very useful while you are trail riding Great bike indeed, it would be the BEST ever for me if it had electric start Cheers !!
  8. A suggestion: a soft kick all the way, until you feel the piston is at TDC, then a vigorous kick and it starts 90% of the time !!! Cheers
  9. Another cheap suggestion: look for it at ebay.com and you will find it for as low as US$5.00. Confirm the year of motorcycle since there are two VERY different KLX250s (1979 and 1994)
  10. Funny, you guys !!! Here in Brazil, a 2002 KLX 300 is selling for about US$6,500 That´s "steal" in other sense . . .