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  1. Norcaljake

    California Downieville

    For those who have an interest in this "Hidden Gem" of a riding area.... May 30, 2011 TO: Interested Individuals FR: Tim H. Beals Planning Director RE: Meeting with County Supervisors Adams and Huebner Invitation to Attend County Supervisor Lee Adams (current Chairman) and County Supervisor Peter Huebner (current Vice Chairman) are hosting an informal meeting with interested parties to discuss the US Forest Service-OHV Travel Management Plans for the Tahoe and Plumas National Forests. This meeting is being conducted on Tuesday evening, June 7, 2011 beginning at 5:00 pm in the Board of Supervisors Chambers, Sierra County Courthouse in Downieville. Recently, a number of topics have taken “center stage” throughout northern California including the current ban on suction dredging, US Forest Service OHV Travel Management Plans, litigation commenced against the State of California regarding its annual OSV snow grooming program, mixed use of County and federal roads, invoking a coordination processes to engage federal agencies, amending the National Forest Planning Rules, and other related topics. Sierra County has been engaging in all of these issues and this June 7 meeting is an opportunity for an open discussion on the status of each of these issues with particular focus on the US Forest Service-OHV Travel Management Plan planning process. The Board of Supervisors has engaged discussions with the Regional Forester on the planning process and will be requesting that this process be reopened to allow further comment and suggesting possible reductions in the regulation. The current information that the County possesses on this program together with any new information derived from the June 7 meeting will provide a stronger basis for the request being forwarded to the Regional Forester. Please bring specific concerns to this meeting with page and reference to the existing US Forest Service OHV Travel Management Plan in order for the issues to be properly identified and addressed. We would appreciate your attendance as it is the desire of the Board of Supervisors members and County staff to fully understand any continuing issues or concerns which may exist. It is also a goal to provide accurate information to those attending regarding the County’s involvement to date. Thank you.
  2. Norcaljake

    2010 RMX450Z "CA Green Sticker"

    Believe it or not, the manufacturers aren't completely stupid. KTM, Husky and some of the exotics are carved out a nice nitch for themselves with fully dirt worthy dual sports. If one of the big four were to go a little extra step and make one of their off-roaders a dual purpose bike, those bikes would sell out in a hurry. I think they know this. With sales down in a rough economic time, it will be interesting to see if anyone goes after this market.
  3. Norcaljake

    U.S.F.S. dual sporting without M1 license?

    I was contented to leave it at my short summary, but since I live to shut up my teenager, I'll give you some more info These are the relevant sections- #1. VC 12500- "Unlawful to Drive Unless Licensed". This section spells out where you need a license- basically when operating on a highway. #2. VC 12501- "Persons Exempt" (from license requirements). Section "C" of this provision, sets up a license exemption for an OHV (defined in VC 38012) only to be able to cross a highway as defined in section 38025. It also "Allows" you to "push" your OHV motorcycle down the highway #3. (This is what it boils down to, the definition of a "Highway") VC 360- "Highway" is a way or place of whatever nature, pubicly maintained and open to the use of the public for purposes of vehicular travel. Highway includes street. Ok. So the question of the day is what roads are designated as "Highways" and require a license? You'll need a local map for that one. If it's listed on the map as a roadway and their aren't any signs that authorize OHV travel, you better have a plated bike & the proper license for it (M1). You won't find any section in the Vehicle Code that states a license is required to ride an OHV motorcycle or plated motorcycle while operating off-highway.
  4. Norcaljake

    U.S.F.S. dual sporting without M1 license?

    A lot more has been made out of this thanh what needs to be. If the bike is being operated on a road or "Highway" that requires it to be plated, then a valid M1 license is required. If the vehicle is being operated on a trail that may be utilized by OHV stickered vehicles, then no license is required. Your likely not going to have any issues.
  5. Norcaljake

    wipe away the budget is as simple as wiping.

    If that tax went in place, you'd see bidets popping up all over the place. You'd also want to stop shaking hands with lower income people....
  6. Norcaljake

    Bye Bye Hungry Valley, Hollister and Ca Ohv's

    The "Greenies" are so far infiltrated into the State Park system and in bed with polititans, they have a chokehold on this state even worse than the rest of the country! Any excuse they can use to close down an OHV, they will use it. I'm sure we haven't seen the last of Green-sticker fund diversions and then the closing of OHV areas due to the now lack of those funds. On the few handful of OHV parks remaining? They will probably put a fewe hundred rangers per OHV park with the goal of harassing the heck out of us until we just quit comming. Why the hell do we need LEO's inOHV parks for anyways? Waste of money. Unfortunately, I have a very low opinion of LEO's. Huge dishonestly problems and many conflicts of interest. They typically aren't very smart, but are experts at covering their mistakes and each other's backs in those mistakes. If it wasn't for the bag of tricks that they've developed in trouncing the 5th ammendment, their arrest rate would be half of what it is now. Honest law abideing citizens are reduced to being labeled as liars when trying to contradict them in court. Ok.... I'm ranting now...
  7. Norcaljake

    Quad Removal from Gorman OHV

    I'm sure the quadtard can afford it, he's got a pretty nice ride in the background. Other positives, at least his kids learned what happens when your a jerk to a LEO.
  8. Norcaljake

    Stolen Bike - 2006 Husqvarna CR125

    Was it still dirty when it was stolen?
  9. Norcaljake

    Where to move in Cali to Ride?

    The El Dorado Hills & Cameron Park area are close to Sacramento in the foothills. Good schools, close to a lot of places to ride. Absolutely one of the nicest places in the state. As an added bonus, when it's too hot to ride, it's a great place to learn to go white water kayaking! Good luck!
  10. Norcaljake

    Forest Hill reopening soon....

    Could you give me that number? The number I called said it was still closed to "Protect the natural resourced...." If I had another number I could say I'd be there!
  11. Norcaljake

    Forest Hill reopening soon....

    I sent an e-mail to the Forest Service & asked when they were projecting re-opening the OHV trails. Here's the response I got today: _____________________________________________________________ after we've had a few days of drying - if weather forecast is accurate, should be early next week. thanks for asking. Mo ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Mo Tebbe Public Services Officer (Recreation, Minerals, Lands) American River Ranger District Tahoe National Forest 530.478.6254 x 247 mtebbe@fs.fed.us ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
  12. Norcaljake

    WTH is going on at Riverfront MX?

    I used to frequent that site, but the flaming gets way out of control there. Also, all the MDK garbage is annoying.
  13. Norcaljake

    WTH is going on at Riverfront MX?

    If you don't want to do them, then don't. Just hold your line and single them. At the novice level, just accept the fact that the track you ride should have some obsticles that are above your ability level.
  14. Norcaljake

    will a wr 250f shift lever work on a wr 250x

    Yes, that's the $11 IMS Weld-on folding tip.
  15. Norcaljake

    will a wr 250f shift lever work on a wr 250x

    Well, then I guess I have more reason to hate MDK motorsport in Folsom, CA. They always seem to overcharge for Hard Parts & the guys in the parts department have a real chip on their shoulder. Another thing that frosts me about dealships like MDK is that they will sell you the bike and bragg about the warranty. Then, when you have a real warranty issue, like a broken clutch plate, they say the "Estimate" will cost like $100 to tell you if it's covered by warranty or not. When I replied that I could buy a new clutch for the same price of the estimate their response is "If you work on your own bike, that will invalidate the warranty" Dealers like MDK can shove it- I'll never buy from them again