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  1. No but they look similar. When you do a whip, you will see guys kind of seat bounce to get as much air as possible to get the biggest whip as possible. When you scrub, you do the exact opposite. You want to get the least amount of air possible.
  2. FMF Factory 4.1 Anodized Blue Slip-on
  3. I know for sure you can use 450 springs in it. I am not sure abou the discs or plates though. Sorry.
  4. That whip by 804 is off the chizang.
  5. you are right
  6. www.buddscreek.com
  7. Looks like you are doing pretty good not to have ridden there in 3-4 years.
  8. Go Ernie!
  9. FMF makes one also. STM if you have ever heard of that one?
  10. Does it matter if they are worth anything if they are comfortable?
  11. Can't go wrong with tt bro
  12. Those are definetley some sweet boots
  13. I guess if you do really good in a school such as MMI, you get recommended to any team needing a mechanic.
  14. When that happened to James Marshall, and then Ernesto Fonseca I almost busted into tears man. They had it all dude, and in a split second something f ed up and there it went out the window. Then my teammate Jon Taylor got paralyzed. It was a major reality check for me. I have come inches before death before but I guess I never though that would happen again. After what happened to those three terrific riders my own career was in question. My parents wanted me to quit racing while I was still ahead, and honestly, I almost wanted to myself. There is no shame in quiting, I mean, the percent of risk we take every time we ride is enormous. It would make the biggest baddest football player shit his pants if he jumped a 50 foot double. But, I decided to pursue my dream in the hopes of I could continue their careers in my heart.