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  1. yamasaki179

    Anyone fixed a noisy auto decompressor?

    i took mine off the stock cam and the next ride i had a kickback and broke the countershaft off havent found much info either good luck
  2. yamasaki179

    xr400 countershaft problem

    my 2000 just snapped the end off also it did this because i took the auto decompressor of off the stock cam i believe this is an issue when an aftermarket cam is used also the kicker kicks back and throws the kick starter into the stop which can snap the shaft or blow out the case this is just my thoughts on the subject if someone has any more info it would be greatly app. hey tdc how did you change you starting cycle i was thinking that the kickback is what breaks the shaft so if i pull my dec. lever and cycle through once it should never kick back??????
  3. yamasaki179

    Wanted CRF250R

    ive got a 05 crf250 for sale call chris at 214-727-8511 in dfw
  4. yamasaki179

    use 2-stroke in my fuel to save valves??

    my 05 250r is very hard to start when cold only once its warm it starts in a kick or two i have to give it a lot of gas to get it to start when cold i just let a shop adjust the valves and put in a new piston (which ill never do again) it was also popping on deceleration when it is warm it runs great i went up one size on the main jet and two sizes on the pilot and it didnt seem to help does this sound like valves? where should i buy the s.s. valve set