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  1. nickdaytona

    What did you BUY for your DRZ today

    Today's purchase was the Stage 2 Hot cams combo - Ebay $247.50 shipped . Last week was Yosh RS 2 pipe, 39T rear sprocket, JD jet kit, msr extended shift lever and smoke rear light kit. very stoked to start pimping this SM ! Question - with the Stage 2 cams will i have to mess with the rejet needle settings? Hmmm...
  2. nickdaytona

    Pimping the SM - JD or DJ ?

    Thanks ! Already ordered the tail light assembly ( smoke ) and extended gear shift lever when I did the jet kit but will look at the mirrors and the tensioner for sure :-)
  3. nickdaytona

    Pimping the SM - JD or DJ ?

    Thanks for the consensus ! JD it is ! orders are in !
  4. nickdaytona

    Pimping the SM - JD or DJ ?

    Hey guys, Nick here from the great white north . After wanting one for a decade I finally grabbed a perfect '08 SM with 1600 miles on it :-) . While the snow flys I am going to pimp it a little with the must - do's on this forum as well as the 3 X 3 , with a Yosh RS 2 carbon setup and a 38 T rear wheel. The only thing that I am stuck on is deciding between the JD or the Dyno Jet 1&2 kit. With the DJ kit I will get a 25 pilot and won't have to buy the extended fuel screw, correct ? Any advice gratefully accepted. Looking forward to getting it ready and also being schooled ! Nick
  5. nickdaytona

    DR 200 Front End Swap on XR200

    Hey there everyone, Nick here from canada. I just grabbed an XR 200 for my son and I have been told that a DR 200 front end will bolt right up, with disc and speedo. I have a donor bike for this, and the forks are also supposed to be better. Anyone done it ?? Thanks !!