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  1. Yah KX's are awesome, but i got my 03kx125 for 1500 OTD. Maybe the prices are way different where you live?
  2. Yah , stop complaing you only get 2 grand here and there. I only 15 and i have to pay for every lick of gas,oil,race fees and my whole bike. That means working everyday after school and all weekend and i still have to pull in straight A's. THEN you can complain. Im not trying to rag on you or anything, just be appreciative of what you got and go out and buy a nice used bike or wait and get a spankity new one.
  3. Yah , you can find a used 125(look for 02 and up if you can) for around 1800-2400 around here. Just dont buy impulsively. Take your time and choose the right bike.
  4. I never had boots, i even raced wtihout MX boots. Then i try a cheap pair of my dads and i was so much more confident on the bike . I still dont have boots simply b/c i'm a working teen with little money to spare. But i f you have the money then get them. They"ll be worth it.
  5. You WILL NOT foul a plug if the bike is jetted correctly. A flywheel weight will make a worlds of difference and will mellow out the power alot. Maybe try a larger back sprocket also. Your daughter maybe be startled by the power at first but will soon come to love and be able to use it correctly. Good luck man!
  6. 15,000 for a bike..thats way to much..
  7. No offense or anything but here in NC you woulda probaly been mid pack D class. Here in NC everyone is good..
  8. I like that, those hare scrambles look fun. Makes me wanna try one.
  9. Yeah, take an old credit card or something and try to clean the wipers out. If they still leak them you probaly need to get them replaced.
  10. Or a seized linkage bearing?
  11. Get the hot rods kit and both main side bearings and seals. The bearings will have to be hydralically pressed in if you are doing this yourself. Goodluck.
  12. I would say Powervalve or crankbearings...
  13. Dude dont listen to these other people saying a 125 cant be ridden slow or lugged around. Because they CAN. I have a 2003 kx125 and it has tons of bottem and i ride mostly trails. The only thing i recomend that if you ride trails run a 51 back sprocket. Yes, 125's love the be ridden wide open but IMO they are such versatile bikes. Just make sure it is jetted spot on and everything runs correctly and you will be fine.
  14. Good find
  15. The yz125 is an untamed beast that loves to be ridden. Its should be a good bike for you, just make sue that you dont flip on your back like i did when i first rode mine..haha