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  1. thx for the fast response. it seems frozen but i think its a cable problem, not the lever itself. any advice on what to do exactly.
  2. I have a 03' CRF450R and the lever for the hotstart is custom. I bought the bike from a private seller and the previous owner installed the aftermarket hotstart. The lever itself is stuck with the hotstart in the off position. Does anyone know how to fix this? The bike starts fine without it. but I would like to solve this problem.. How do I unstick the hotstart?
  3. i have a 2003 CRF450R, im thinking about putting the jet kit on my bike, what are the major plusses you noticed on yours?
  4. LOL good way to put it. I would have to say I like the R better in most ways: weight, handling, style, and most of all acceleration. dont get me wrong the X is fast but a different kind of fast. The R has more usable power, and the X is made for hauling ass across the desert doing 85. 2 different worlds
  5. all 2003s were RED sticker including mine
  6. hey I have a 2003 CRF450R and I just bought it from another guy, I dont think he ever did the valves. Should I have them done?
  7. i just got an 03' 450R for $3000. used, but never ridden, and came with ton of extras, including a white bros titanium / carbon pipe =p
  8. i got a hayabusa, ill smoke you ;D
  9. there should be a screw in your gearbox that you unscrew before you add the new oil, that hole will start leaking when its full.
  10. I have a '92 CR125 and man does that thing rip for a 125. I dont have problems keeping up with the 250s but there are times like hills, when I need the torque. Mods: FMF Fatty pipe, FMF silencer, Boyseen RAD Valve and reeds, Barnett clutch, o'neil bars, and showa suspension.
  11. really fun bike =D
  12. go hondas!