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  1. JamieC

    front brakes

    Yes i've tried one and two fingers but you have to be right on, these things grab I'm pretty sure its not right.
  2. My wife rides an 04 150 and the front brakes are very sensitve does anyone else find the same?She been over the bars a few times .It seems theres a fine line on how much pressure than they grab hard,Ive done it my self.I'm thinking maybe heavier springs I'm not really sure any suggestions?
  3. JamieC

    Clutch issue ????

    So I fire my kids 65 up today warm it up pull the clutch Put it in gear and stalls .Clutch doesn't engage ,bike has very low hours and not ridden hard at all.Any suggestions what the problem could be ,Thanks.
  4. JamieC

    Knocking noise

    I use 92 octane gas and I've checked the flywheel because I have a wieght on it.It just seems to do it when I just turn the throttle slow to put around then it just goes away It never does it when i hit the throttle hard.Its kinda hard to explain.The first time it happened I thought rocks were smacking off the front fender but no.Thanks for the replies.Could running a hotter or colder plug cause detonation?
  5. JamieC

    Knocking noise

    I get a bit of a knocking noise at a low rpm but seems to clear up when I'm on the throttle.Any suggestions what it might be or is it normal .The bike seems to run fine .It's an 05 rm250.
  6. JamieC

    New Jeep ?

    I'm keeping my truck.The reason I ask about the jeep is it would be for my wife .I would like to tow a small trailer ,something my wife can load by herself and its getting tough to fit four bikes in the box of my truck .The jeep has to be better on fuel than the hemi?
  7. I was looking at a new jeep wrangler unlimited rubicon ,one wth the 4 doors .Does anyone one on here own one ? What do you think of it ? I want to use to tow a small trailer for 4 bikes and gear It will be a 2nd vehicle my dodge ram gets to be to much on fuel for weekend outings and back and fourth to work.Any feed back would be great,thanks .Oh yea I'm not looking for a luxury ride,I know its a jeep.
  8. JamieC

    suggestions needed

    I have an 05 with the same pipe set up .I have 170 main 50 pilot and if I remember right 2nd clip from the top.I ride woods ,I still get some spooge but not enough to worry about no fouling plugs either .I could go to a 48 pilot I guess to clean it up a bit more.
  9. JamieC

    Burnt Bridge Motorsports Park

    Whats going on with the motosports park ? I heard it was approved but then I heard it wasn't does anyone have any info.
  10. I have a 10oz on mine and I notice the difference .Not so much if I'm on the throttle hard but it hits smoother and less stalling in tight trails.Took it out yesterday for the first time with my new fmf gnarly and Q silencer and I couldn't believe the difference it was alot less work on the tight stuff.
  11. JamieC

    New tires

    The stock size is 275/60r20.I want to keep it as close to stock as possible.
  12. I have an 04 ram quad cab 4x4 with 20" rims .The stock tires are garbage can anyone recomend some good mud terrains and size without having to put in a lift or change rim size .Thanks ,some pics of other dodges would be good.
  13. JamieC

    Youbou harescramble April 29

    Did anyone go, how was it?I wanted to go watch but couldn't make it .Was there riding for all levels of riders?
  14. Has anyone had experiance with a retractable hard tonneau cover.Just want to know when its retracted can my bikes fit in the box.Any info would be great ,thanks.
  15. JamieC

    Death Rocket

    I have an 05 , I put a 10oz steahly on mine made a big difference .Ride mostly trails ,fire roads and pits.Next week I get my gnarley pipe and Q silencer , should make it even better for tight trails.