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  1. ex-racer

    creek hydroplaning

    Probably don't need to go 70 to get across a 6 foot gap. Maybe 60's. But it is important to have a fairly level entry point and exit. Lean back and squeeze the bike with your legs, because the force of the water from the front tire will take your feet off the pegs if you aren't ready for it. Good Luck.
  2. ex-racer

    should i race

    If you have all of the necessary riding gear, (helmet, goggs, gloves and boots) why not? There are always riders at a track, or in the woods racing for the first time. So you won't be alone, and you don't know how good you really are until you bring it to the track.
  3. ex-racer

    help pit bike problem

    I was having the same problem with my bike. Main jet was too big. I dropped 10 on the main and it helped clear it up, 20 seems to have fixed the problem. It is alot less expensive to do this than rev boxes and stators. I also lowered the clip to the fourth groove.