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  1. Happy Birthday mfinDRZ!

  2. mfinDRZ

    Kickstarting Stories!

    Hardest starting bike I've ever encountered- My buddies 1982 YZ490, noted by some motorcycle mags as one of the worst of the worst (along with the "original" CR450, 2 stroke that is). The starting procedure went something like this- kick 20 times, put in new (or at least dry) plug, switch kickers, repeat. I wore a hole in my boot kicking that damn bike... once started it was scary to ride, had kind of a 125-like power band but with the big bore pull.
  3. mfinDRZ

    Harley pre-ride checklist

    Because they are holding on for dear life trying to keep their lousy handling bike on the road, they don't dare take one hand off the handlebar:ride:
  4. mfinDRZ

    Cow Mtn Fatality 10/24

    Sorry to hear the news... riding fire road sucks. RIP Honda dude...
  5. mfinDRZ

    Harley pre-ride checklist

    One more- #22. Practice your burnouts for when you leave the biker bar. After all, it's not easy getting a little ol' 130 tire to light up with 60 HP. I thought all the small town folk complaints about loud pipes was a bunch of whining until I witnessed the stupidity first hand. When 15 bikes light off, each at 110db, it gets really loud. The burnouts and full throttle launches make you glad they are leaving...
  6. mfinDRZ

    Cow 3-21

    Dang Jim that's a purdy DRZ! -Mike
  7. mfinDRZ


    Trials tires look gay.
  8. I've been in the same situation, ready to ride on a prime riding day with no riding buddies. I've had a great time riding with TT'ers, it's never bad to meet new riders. Just throw a line out (start a thread) asking if anyone's up for a ride at the riding area you're interested in and go from there. Usually you'll find someone in the same boat who'd rather not ride alone. Agree on a staging area, get vehicle descriptions and cell phone numbers. Points of ediquette? 1. Don't bother even reading about SSS rides. I don't know why we even see these posts since they are only open to a elite group who already know each other, most are limited to the NorCal guys anyways. 2. Be on time if you agree to ride with someone, at least let them know if you're running late. I guess you got the word on the spark arrestor...
  9. mfinDRZ

    Best price for an oem top end kit?

    EBay does suck but that's a good price for all oem parts. I just bought the kit for my '06 YZ250 from NCY, I paid by credit card the next day over the phone after placing the order (on EBay) because I couldn't figure out the pay pal crap.
  10. mfinDRZ

    Mud/Snow/Slush/Ice/Deep Water and twenty miles short.

    I noticed yesterday that as the snow melted there was a little stream running down the trail and I was riding in it, this will make a major rut eventually if enough people ride it. The only concern would be if they would close the WHOLE riding area when there's snow on ANY of the trails. We saw that maybe 5 percent of the trails had snow on them, the rest were good to go. These areas are huge and hard to partially block off so if this is implemented it will be hard to manage.
  11. mfinDRZ

    Mud/Snow/Slush/Ice/Deep Water and twenty miles short.

    Great pic Jim, thanks for getting them up so quick! What a great day of riding and a great group to ride with, there's no blue showing on my bike any more. It will be a memorable ride for me- 11 riders, great trails and riding in the snow, it was good snow since there was traction to be found under it. I spent so much time with my feet off the pegs my legs are cramping- dang that hurts! Thanks Senor for guiding the ride and taking point all day, Ossi says you pick the nasty stuff and I'd have to agree. Nasty is good, who would want to spend valuable riding time on fire roads. Here's the pictures I got- I only whipped the camera out when we were on the frozen tundra. Brennan300 emerges from the mile long rut that was Trail4 Phranticness (AKA Steve) contemplates heading to the distant slope... Rockmonster recipient of the True Grit award Senor and Steve planning our next special test Brennan300 and Ossidog reflect on the fact that we're only halfway through the loop
  12. mfinDRZ

    Looks promising for rain.

    I dunno, every time I go there (twice) I swear I'll never go again- fire road extravaganza. I could never get marathon loops going, just bits and pieces of single track. I hoped to ride the new section but it was closed, I heard it's single track?? We do have it made up north, it's free and great riding.
  13. mfinDRZ

    Saturday 2/7 Middlecreek to Stoney and back.

    I'll be looking like a terrorist with 4 liters of gas strapped to my body Are there any rivers to cross?
  14. mfinDRZ

    Looks promising for rain.

    Have you ever ridden Troll Trail at Hollister? It's a bit different than acupuncture in that there are trees that will clothes line you and they're hidden behind innocent looking brush.
  15. mfinDRZ

    Saturday 2/7 Middlecreek to Stoney and back.

    Count me in as a potential victim- I'll strap gas to my bike somehow...