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    Oil Circulation Question

    Hey all, greetings from a long time lurker and new poster. I bought an SM610 in September of last year and have ridden it but a measley 700 miles. School and work have gotten in the way. I'm no stranger to I4s and twins, but thumpers are new to me, particularly the Husky. Per the owner's manual at 600 miles, I spent an afternoon gauging the valves which were a little on the tight side. After getting them back to the 0.02 spec, I got it all back together without problem. I took it out for a spin today. She runs fine, no issues other than when I got off the bike (while it was running) to see what the oil sight glass told me. On my road bikes, I'm accustomed to not seeing any oil there, or if there is something there, it's just bubbles from the oil being pumped out. On my Husky, I noticed that even with the engine running, all the oil was still there. When I gassed it, it bubbled a little bit, but not like I'm used to seeing. There wasn't much, if at all, of a difference between what I saw in the sight glass when it was running and when it wasn't. My questions are these: 1. Should I see oil there? 2. When I drained the oil to do the valve clearance check, did I miss something when I refilled it? All I did was remove the cooling system and the left side plate to expose the flywheel. Nothing else came off the bike. 3. Anyone have any tips for verifying that I'm getting oil to the top of the engine? Any help or guidance here would be appreciated.