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  1. sherco 4.5i have efi as well, they run a ducati fi with a magneti marreli computer, i took the electric start off my bike for motocross, when cold the bike starts in one to two kicks, when hot it starts first kick every time, even after a stall.
  2. same set up as you but i used a 70 pilot and the air fuel was set at 3 turns out. good luck
  3. it took the 70 to run right, i called yosh and they went up to a 75 . but a 48 or 50 didnt work still, crazy because 70 seemed big, but hell it worked
  4. ok i finally got it, i have a 170 main, wr needle on the 4th clip, a 70 pilot jet and the air fuel mixture was at 3 turns out, still has a dead spot on quick throttle, but i am going to try a new pump cover from boysen.
  5. THE 5.1i is $7,998.00 and they should be available in the states
  6. very nice pics, would love to see more
  7. as far as the enduro bike are concerned, any dealer stocking the enduro line is required to stock a certain amount of replacement parts, levers, bars, filter, oil and air, and a numerous amount or other parts, hard parts such as pistons and rings and such are all in the states and a matter of 2 to 3 days anywhere in the country. so parts arnt as much of an issue.
  8. Ok Ill Try It Thanks For The Advice, Ill Let You Know How It Worked
  9. yosh says a 45 pilot 172 main, change needle to wr style on the 4th clip, only thing i have different is the jet that goes into the housing near the boot was changed, i need to put the stock one in then try it, the symptoms are , it wont idle, holding at a quarter throttle it pops and hisses the surges. then revs to redline without a hitch. also seems to run good with choke on.
  10. thanks for the help, i am know familar with the whole spam thing... so know i know. take it as a lesson learned. ha ha. well just think of me as someone you can ask questions and ill answer any questions and maybe help some people find dealers,because im not trying to sell bikes just inform people about them...
  11. i am working on a 06 yfz450 with a full ti yosh trc pipe, a pro design k&n filter set up, does anyone have a clue as to what i should jet to, i tried yosh and there set up still doesnt work. any help would be great. in advance thank you
  12. just want to help people to stay informed, got any questions let me know, sorry if i was a spammer
  13. Thank You
  14. Sherco recommends after ever 5 hours to pull the dust guard off each fork and throughly clean it, this prevents from the faulting
  15. have you ridden a sherco 4.5?