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  1. sneakypanda


    i can wheelie for about 2 seconds. lol n thats good enough for ME!!!!
  2. sneakypanda

    stupid question

    alright im new to the whole supermoto deal n i was wondering, how the hell do u drift the rear end around the corners without high or low siding????!?!?!?!?!
  3. sneakypanda

    Is 250lbs Too Much For Ttr-225?

    my ttr-225 works fine for me, n im 6'3, 280lbs. im getting stiffer springs, but the stock ones are ok for jus havin sum fun with.
  4. sneakypanda

    Cherry Red Exhaust

    my '04 ttr 225 pipe glows red also, n its stock.
  5. sneakypanda

    TTR 125 Flywheel Weight

    how bout for the 225's? how much should i have taken off???
  6. sneakypanda

    Fork Swap

    jus wondering if the yz85 or the yz125 forks would fit on the '04 TT-R225
  7. sneakypanda

    225 sprocket change

    why wouldnt it still do the same thing if i added 2 links 2 the chain? because the sprocket is still bigger, making the wheel base smaller. so shouldnt it do the same thing????
  8. sneakypanda

    225 sprocket change

    ok quick question.... if u put a bigger rear sprocket on, wouldnt u need to get a longer chain?? because putting on a bigger sprocket, moving the wheel back, AND removing 2 links from the chain does not make any sense to me. (EXAMPLE) if u have a flat basketball and have a string tied snug around it, once u inflate the ball, the string needs to be longer in order to stay around the whole ball... correct?
  9. sneakypanda


    i just wanna get sum imput on the new WR250F's. if its a good overall bike. trails, jumps(nothing huge), just anything you'd encounter at the average park like prarie city or sumthin. because im lookin for a good green sticker bike 2 hav fun with n that can take a pretty harsh beating.
  10. sneakypanda

    Red Sticker?!?!

    thats pretty krappy......
  11. sneakypanda

    Best Way to jump?

    how should your suspension be set up for the jumps?
  12. sneakypanda

    Red Sticker?!?!

    i thought that all four-stroke bikes were green sticker bikes, but my recent visit to the yamaha dealership proved me wrong. the new YZ250F's are red sticker bikes. my question is, is it the same for the new CRF's and RMZ's?????? i really hope not!!!
  13. sneakypanda

    cant find parts.....=(

    thanks doc. is it just the spring that they sell or is it spring and shock? if just the spring, do i also need to change the shock wen i change the spring?
  14. sneakypanda

    cant find parts.....=(

    well, for my birthday in 04, my dad bought me a yamaha TT-R 225. well, i cant find any parts for it at all, let alone stiffer springs and shock. i went to the yamaha dealership n they said my best bet is to go to a suspension shop n get custom springs, and the word custom usually means a major deduction of cash out of my pocket. any suggestions?