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  1. Climber

    new 06

    Yo, I know that you're saving up to buy my 06 and really want that 04 yami(s), as well. I might take your 08 on trade... My opinion...the 08 honda is good enough to leave alone and race as is, stock. It needs nothing.
  2. It seems that the focus of Yamaha is to build a bike that works well for the average rider. The average rider can hit most jumps, blitz the whoops, whip the bike, etc., but does not focus on the turns. Most people ride at or race at the novice level (which can be fairly fast). But, if you watch the pros ride, you'll notice that they really step it up in the turns, over the average rider that might hang with them everywhere else on the track. My eyes were opened when I watch how the different bikes were going through a particular corner. The yamahas were consistantly the latest to get on the gas. This was true even when the rider was, overall, turning faster lap times on a yamaha, for everyone from amatures to pros. Other than the turning, the yamaha and honda are probably the best overall bikes. They do everything very well.
  3. The 08 honda is as good as anynew bike I've ridden...in all aspects.
  4. Climber

    How were the 06 and 07 CRF450Rs???

    I did get a 06 honda and i love it. Hate to say it, but it really fits me. It has FC suspension and that, alone, is almost worth the price of admission. My 06 yz has the pro-action with 24mm offset clamps and it turns good. But the honda does not try to stand up (as much) when you throttle it in a turn. Also, when going from the honda to the yami, sometimes the yami feels like a tank, sometimes it doesn't. But the honda never does. I will keep both as I bought the yamaha new and am unwilling to take the hit of selling for cheap coupled with the lack of advances in the 07 and 08 models to justify the $$$. What is funny, is that I can go from one to the other with NO learning curve or adjustment period. That is how close these bikes are to eachother.
  5. Climber

    2008 Yamaha 450 Frame

    He checked his sag, his 08 crf450, last night and found it off by almost 20mm (to low). I think it probably will turn better than mine now that it is set up given that it turned the same as mine when it was a lowrider in the rear. I'm waithing for a good deal on a used crf450r this winter.
  6. That info will save me money. Thanks
  7. So, are you saying the 06 is as good as the 07 (with the CDI modification)? They sure are cheaper
  8. There are some 07s for 5600 OTD (I think OTD). Might call around tomorrow. Did the 07s have the .47 springs in the forks? And how was the valving in the 07s compared to the 06s?
  9. I'm looking for a newer or new bike, but can't afford an 08 (I rode one, flogged as much as I can, and it was as good as it gets). BTW I'm on an 06 yami with 24mm clamps, so you know what I'm trying to gain and get away from.
  10. Climber

    How were the 06 and 07 CRF450Rs???

    I'm going to look at one tonight. It's worth a look
  11. Climber

    2008 Yamaha 450 Frame

    FWIW, I put 24mm offset clamps on my 06 and it will turn as well as the 08 honda. This is a consensus of an 08 honda owner and me. He rides at "front pack" vet A and I'm mid pack vet a. Otherwise he does not like my bike that much.
  12. I know what forum this is. ...And, I have three YZs including a smoker (I will keep my 06 and seel the others). However, I rode the new 08 CRF and am intrigued. I don't wan't to make a $7000 commitment for a new one. As the used market falls off (way off) there are some deals on 06 and 07 hondas. I was wondering what you all might know about them. I know that they got there valves fixed in 06 and they are supposed to handle good. Do they still burn oil? How do they compare to the 08 honda? I ask this here as the Honda bias on the honda forums is as bad as...and I want an honest opinion. Thanks
  13. I'm interested in knowing this, too...as I'm considering Honda and not wanting to drop for an 08 given how cheap used 06s are. The 08s are amazing, though.
  14. I have an 06 with 24mm applieds. They do help. I also went with a perili scorpion on the front and that helps too. TO give you a comparison. I got to flog a friends 08 CRF450R. I could make it push. He and I, both, thought that the two bikes were fairly close in turning. His is more willing. But the yamaha will do good if you MAKE it. Sag is everything... On a side note, if the new bikes are all as good as the honda, the aftermarket companies are going to be hurting. The 08 CRF stock suspension is better than my 06 is and it is revalved.