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  1. Hey Guys We have a 2006 CRF 250R, and we need to put the boot back on the air box that goes from the air box to the carb. I have heard that using a silicone is a bad idea with the heat, and air that is in that area. Does anyone have any ideas on something else to use to get a good long lasting seal?? Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks!
  2. B-LAGO

    08 Yz478 Pics

    how was the arenacross. I was going to go, but had other things come up, but plan on going to the races on january. Is it worth the trip?
  3. B-LAGO

    07 450 exhaust question

    I have heard great reviews about the dr. d stainless steel system. Seems to really liven up the bottom end on these bikes, and also give it a little higher rev on the top. You can check out, www.motofrugals.com. In the past I have seen really good prices for DR.D on there. They usually have good customer service as well. Just my two little pennies
  4. B-LAGO

    Is my exhaust legal?

    It might also be worth looking into a cheap slip-on exhaust system. I might be wrong, but the promotobillet end caps can really hurt performance on some of these bikes. A white brothers XCR might be a good solution, for just a little bit more money.
  5. I would have to agree! No reason to spend boo-koo bucks on a few ounces, for the possibility of a cracked header, or a easy dent. Save the bucks with the SS Dr. D!
  6. B-LAGO

    Dr. D exhaust

    www.motofrugals.com usually has really good prices on the Dr. D stuff. If they dont have it on the website, just call em, and they are usually pretty cool to work with.
  7. B-LAGO

    Radiator Repair

    Mylers fixed mine. The side was caved in a little bit, no leaks, and fits perfectly. Highly recommended, and fast service.
  8. I was out at Cherry Creek this weekend enjoying the desert race, and riding on some of the dunes, to find that my gear bag had been stolen as soon as I got to my truck! What a bummer. We ended up finding the footprints, and four-wheeler tracks of the thief, and ended up finding my bag, but my keys and wallet were gone. While gathering all of my things a random guy on a quad rides by who fit the description to a "T" of the footprints and tire marks. We all harrased the guy, but there was not much we could do. Anyone know of any problems out in this area. I swear this guy lives out there to take peoples things. I have his name, license, and everything, but not sure I can do anything about it. Anyways, not a great way to end a awesome day of riding out at cherry creek.
  9. B-LAGO

    Timing completly off?

    I first attempted using the shims that I already had, but the intakes were extremely tight. All of the arrows appear to be lined up, and the piston is at TDC. Assuming that everything was at zero, and I had it shimmed once at the local shop, will I need to get larger or smaller valves. It just makes me nervous that my feeler gauge doesnt even fit in the valves.
  10. B-LAGO

    Timing completly off?

    Well, I have been redoing the top end on my 04 crf 450r, and throughout the process, my timing chain fell of off the bottom sprocket, so I know that the timing chain is not where it was orignally. When this happens, what is the best way to get it back to where it should be? I thought that I had it correct, but once i put everything back together, and tried to check the valve clearance, my feelers would not fit! I just got the Head and valves done by RHC, and it was all at zero before. Also, what size shims are good to start off with to check it? Any help would be appreciated!!!
  11. B-LAGO

    Smashed Radiator

    Thank you guys for your opinions. I will see if I can post a picture of it, and you guys can let me know what you think!
  12. B-LAGO

    Smashed Radiator

    A couple of weeks ago, here in Utah I went for a trail ride up in the mountains, and made the classic attempt to cross the wet, big, fallen down log on the trail. During my attempt the tires slid out on me, and I cam crashing down over the log. Everything appeared to be just fine. This week I am working on doing some "winter" repairs, and I noticed my right radiator is dinged up pretty good. It does not leak at all, and the shrouds still of on just fine. Just the shape of a log formed on one side. How bad is this going to be? No leaks, so is it ok to keep it on there? It is a lot of money to fix this!!! Any opinions would be great.
  13. B-LAGO

    Crash and Burn need an 04 stock header!!!

    You could try freezing your header. If it is bent, sometimes you can just fill er up with some water, and leave it in the freezer over night. Might need to do it a couple of times, but after awhile it gets most of the dents out, and is ridable. Do a search, and you will see what I mean
  14. B-LAGO

    where to get tires

    I will second all of the rockymountain replys. Great customer service, and great prices.
  15. B-LAGO

    Redoing top end question

    Sounds great, thank you for your help