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  1. daksport35

    Arenacross style track!

    thanks for the help Trackmaster i can use any help i can get. oh yeah i have a bobcat and a tractor not just the tractor. if anyone has more opinions or perhaps some prints that would be awsome!
  2. daksport35

    Arenacross style track!

    as far as equipment i have acess to, i can use a tractor with a bucket and a bobcat. i would say the lot i am building on is probly 150' x 250' maybe a little more each way. I have not heard of monroe arenacross track fill me in on some info.
  3. daksport35

    Arenacross style track!

    Well as far as land goes..the track is on about 1 1/2 to 2 acres. it is made of red clay. distance between turns is probly a good 100 to 150 ft. just estimating. any opinions?
  4. daksport35

    Arenacross style track!

    I am building a arenacross style track at my house and i already have the set up and turns built. Just wondering how big the rythem sections are and the finish line jump? (length and height) or if anyone has a good opinion on what other jumps to put on a track for training instinces!