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  1. sounds like its to lean

    stuck fork oil seal

    not shure what forks you have but after removing the top cap draining what fluid you can from the top and removing the dust cap and lock ring you should be able to grasp each fork half in each hand and give it a couple of hard snachs in opposite directions it may take a couple of trys but thay sould come apart

    kx to kdx

    not shure if it will fit it frame but you can buy the carb new from bike bandit for 310.17 for the 200

    '96 KX125 powervalve

    if you can get to it with a pair of vise grips i'd try that if you can be shure to support the rod and valve so you dont bend any thing braking it loose. you can buy a replacment oem nut for around three bucks.

    97 Kx250 Mpg

    the kx 250's average around 20mpg but that depends on how hard you ride it.
  6. make shure your using a good high octane gas an a good synthetic oil also try droping the needle first if everything is set up right it should'nt be puking oil. it also matters how you are ridding the bike from factory that bike is set up to be run wide open if you are just trail ridding you may have to rejet the carb. but i would not change the mix when you change the mix you putting less oil to the cylinder and more gas when you change the jetting you are mantaning the same gas to oil ratio and varying the air ratio
  7. I have a 13oz on an 01' and love it for tight woods and it does make the bike start easy. the heavier you go the better tight woods and hill climbing less wheel spin = more traction. it is also a very simple install.