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  1. will the 450 plasctics work on a 1999 yz400f??
  2. um actually whats on there is a 426 mega bomb header there the same
  3. ya thats nitro circus 3
  4. that bike looks a little tore up and check the bottom of the swingarm it will tell just how hard the bike was raced
  5. hey i was just wondering if any of u guys have a 99 yz400f and have done mods to them to make them noticeably faster i have never raced but i am fully capable of it i have already a fmf powercore 4 and megabomb header and the other usual mods
  6. if i were u i would stick with the thumper i mean since your not into racing u need that torque to get up all those hills and through rock sections that u might find along the trail but then again i am a four stroke guy the question is which do u prefer