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  1. baloney

    exhaust and tec-kit ?'s

    The DRZ-400s I just got has a Yoshi exhaust on it. It says off-road and Yoshimura and that japanese character thing and that is it. I don't know exactly what model it is but it is LOUD! Too loud. Painfully loud. Don't want to start the bike loud. I have seen the recent threads about folks trying to get or get rid of the stock exhaust. And then I read about the Tec-kit. What do I need to look at on this exhaust to tell if I can use the Tec-kit? I saw a site (think it was Burned's) that had a picture of an exhaust that looks just like mine, and the site says that the older versions would not take the Tec-kit. What do I have to measure/look for to tell what I need for a semi-quiet exhaust, or if the Tec-kit will work? Just want to know the options before I start looking for stock exhaust sytems. Thanks
  2. baloney

    New DRZ400 owner in Ga

    Thanks for the information guys. Very helpful and informative. It really helps to have a place to start when researching. The stuff you all mentioned should keep me busy for a while. Can't wait for the first trip to the power lines! Thanks again!
  3. baloney

    New DRZ400 owner in Ga

    Just thought I would say hi, being new to the board and all. Great place for info! So, I traded my old Jeep for a 2000 DRZ400s yesterday. It looked fun so it seemed like a good trade. The only problem is I have never been on a motorcycle of any kind before. This could be interesting. I hope I survive! The previous owner rigged it for off-road use only with some sort of suspension mod (???), a Yoshi pipe, new cams of some sort (again, ???), and some serious looking knobbies. I read the FAQ and a lot of threads, but I really don't know what I don't know when it comes to the DRZ or motorcycles in general. Any words of wisdom? Any obvious beginner advice so I don't have to learn the hard way? I suspect this rather tall contraption in my garage will turn into a full fledged hobby. Anyway, just wanted to introduce myself as I have really enjoyed this site so far.